Choosing a Companion Headphone

I’m in the market for a new headphone to compliment my current gear/cans.

I listen to an extremely wide variety of music, but I thought selecting headphones that can manage each category would be a nice solution. For example I usually use the argons for edm/electronic, the dt880 for some older toons from Elvis w/ the BH + speedball, and the hedd for acoustic or live recordings.

I really enjoy the soundstage and presentation from the hedd, but I can generally only wear it for 5 hours at a time. I’m looking for something that would potentially pair against the hedd that I can wear for about 10 hours a day (this might be an impossible request haha). I was considering the zmf verite c or the focal clear as options. Comfort is my biggest priority here - I also wear glasses so that has played a role in my past headphones.

DACs: SU-8 v2

Amps: Liquid Spark, RebelAmp, Violectric v280, BH Crack + Speedball

Current Headphones: Nighthawks, DT880 600ohm, Argon mk3, DC Audio AEON 2 Closed, HEDDphone

I always appreciate the guidance from the great people on this forum :slight_smile:

Wish I could help…I have, or have had, much of the gear on your list, but HEDD, Clear, and VC are not ones I’ve heard and I also don’t wear glasses to know how that might play in.

Good luck with the search!

I would suggest a ZMF option. My Eikon’s are very comfortable and they are just a treat to hold due to the craftsmanship. Their line also pairs very well with the BH Crack.

I have a Verite C, and I’ve had other focal headphones, both are quite comfortable, and both are fine with at least thin framed glasses.
The focal can feel a bit wobbly until you get use to it, but it usually only takes a few days.
The ZMF can be on the heavier side (depends a bit on the wood), but the headband makes it quite comfortable.

Ooo the zmf lineup are all beautiful to hold!

I’ll have to see if I am able to demo either the focal or a zmf option so I can pair down the best solution. I think if I do go for the zmf cans, it would be the verite closed at this point. I’m just thinking the focal option is a better all rounder? Maybe I’m wrong in that sense

If you had to pick a weakness of the Verite, it’s that it does everything extremely well, but nothing really stands out, I know the “boring” aspect of it is why @M0N replaced his with a Utopia.
Personally I really love mine.

First off, you have a Really nice amp collection! :+1:t2:

As far as headphones go, the only one we have in common is the DT880. Not sure if this will help you, but my favorites are:

  1. Grado GH2’s. If money was available that would likely be GS3000e’s. As far as comfort goes the G-cush pads on the GE3000e’s should be pretty comfy and the headphones are super light. The biggest question is whether or not you like the Grado sound. A test run would be ideal, even with a lesser phone (maybe RS2e?). Sounds so good with my Violectric.

  2. Grado Elex’s. I assume that the Clears would just up the fun factor. And I find them really comfortable.

I don’t find my reading glasses to be a problem with any of them.

Really interesting perspective! I wonder if I would become bored with them eventually. I may need to consider this if I move to buy a pair. I think I would use them as a general use case then switch to my other cans as needed for a change. It might work well for its purpose then

I’ve never had the pleasure of listening to grados. I hear they have an interesting ‘house’ sound to them that isn’t for everyone. I was intrigued by the recent hemp limited edition cans they released but heard they weren’t too comfy. Maybe I’ll enter the grado space ahead of my premeditated companion headphone :laughing:

You should look at @M0N’s headphone collection in his profile, pretty much if a headphones going to stay in his collection, it has to be able to justify itself by providing something different.
I use my Verite by preference over my other headphones unless I want something specific, but I don’t have the selection of upper tier headphones that @M0N does.

Looks like he has gotten rid of both the focal clear and the zmf verite c. I’ve seen him recommend the diana V2 in other threads so maybe that is a better option for its light weight, comfort, and sound quality! I would most likely go used but they seem to hold value in that regard

Maybe I just keep getting amps and roll them with a single pair of headphones that will change nicely depending on the chain haha