Choosing a replacement DAC/AMP for Philips SHP9500


I have recently bought Philips SHP9500 with Syba Sonic 24bit 96KHz USB DAC/AMP upon watching (Z Reviews) video. But sadly it broke, the microphone input stopped working after 1 week of usage, it just keeps crackling cant establish a connection I even tried switching cables to see if its the issue and its not.

I am not going to return it to amazon for a new one instead I am thinking of buying a completely different DAC/AMP. I am mainly looking for a DAC/AMP with microphone input since i use a mod mic.
I mostly listen to music/talk to friends and play games.

Can someone please recommend me a good DAC/AMP for listening music with mic input in about 100/150$ range? Thank you for your time/help and any recommendation is greatly appreciated.


If you have access to Schiit where you are, probably a Hel or Fulla are a good bet in that price range.