Choosing the next IEM

Hey all ,
I am using Fiio FH3 and FH7 and also CA Solaris sometimes , I like the FH7 the most , looking for the next IEM at 300$ , I am sensitive to too sparkly treble and like a bit of slam in the bass department , a bigger soundstage would be good , what could be a good buy in my assigned budget ?

Thanks !

You guys make my life easy 🤷

Mangird Tea.


thank you , these are on my radar , if you have the FH7’s , what is better in the TEA’s in comparison ?

Perhaps what can also help us help you further is to let us know what your library is like.

Yeah, beat me to it. Was just about to write that.

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Something about great minds… :wink:

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Mostly electronic , Jean-Michel Jarre , Kraftwerk… vocals maybe

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I would say so. I never heard FH7 but I think @Resolution recs it but for prog metal, due to its fast bass. I don’t think FH7 is on tier list recs.

Teas are what you described and I love them for eletronic, that’s my Jam aswell. KW on them sounds godly for the price. They have a good stage as well. It clearly fits your likings judging by graph. Cold but enough treble, balanced signature and nice bass. LUSH MIDS.

For vocals, specially female vocals, Teas are hard to beat, unless you wanna spend 500+ USD. I’m trying as well :rofl:

(off topic: that fh7 graph is… strange?)

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Thanks , how’s the build quality of the TEAs ?

Great. There’s a Tea thread here on the forum, you can get through it all if you want to take more opinions. Also Youtube videos.

For the sake of it, I might have missunderstood, but you want BIGBIG slam or as big as FH7?

The two graphs look pretty close to each other.

I’d trust @nymz’s rec for electronic music.

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Not a shaking slam but i like good presence of bass

Ok just making sure you werent a basshead lol. Teas

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I’m going to suggest the Campfire Honeydew to get another option in there. I love mine and the bass is magnificent. (Never tried the Tea so I can’t say how they compare.)

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Not to poke too much, but what was CA thinking when they did that tuning?

Double downs everywhere. Let’s say you want a nice 2.5khz pinna gain for female vocal tracks. Let’s see how that turns out on them:

They call it Murdeeeeeeeer

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I actually prefer the FH3 to the FH7 in general because of its bass tuning and texture. The FH7 is more neutral. The FH7 costs almost 4X the amount of the FH3. That’s why the FH3 is the rec over the FH7. In addition, the Tea > the FH7 & FH3.

Look no further than the three IEMs I have in tier 1. My overall rec would be the Tea but you can’t go wrong with any of them.

The IEM everyone should have - Blon BL03had been Tripowin Mele

My favorite IEM around $100 - Fiio FH3

Best Starter IEM - LZ A7. Find your preferred tuning.

TIER1 Best IEMs around $300 - Mangird Tea, Moondrop Blessing 2, TANCHJIM Oxygen

TIER2 Best IEMs around $500 - $700 - Safe tuned - Thieaudio Clairvoyance/Oracle, Xenns Up - Subbass tuned - Thieaudio Monarch, Moondrop Variations

TIER3 Endgame - Unique Melody MEST MKII - Authentic audiophile replay at it’s finest.


If you like your lower mids, you could give the Delta airlines earphones a go!



Nice mountains it forms there.

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At this point it’s probably a tossup between Mango Bird Tea and 7Hz Timeless.

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