Chord mojo 2, laptop, active speakers and mixer pairing


My passion is tango DJing and I will be invited to play music for people to dance to in a local milonga. The location has a Behringer Xenyx qx602mp3 mixer. I will be purchasing the Chord Mojo 2 dac/amp and I would like to use it to monitor the sound through my Sennheiser HD 560S headphones on audacity, so that I can listen to the songs that are gonna be played next through audacity and adjust accordingly. The actual music will be played through the active speakers that are already paired with the mixer. I already have 1 pair of 2x RCA to 2x XLR male cables and another pair of 2x RCA to 2x XLR female cables. The second pair that I have got is useless, so yeah… But the first pair is what I will be using to connect one end to the XLR female mic input to the Behringer mixer and the other end of RCA will go to the adapter with RCA and optical input on the other end that will connect to the mojo 2, I think. Am I missing something, am I correct? If so, then give me a thumbs up. If not, tell me what do I need to change. Thanks!

Also, by the way, I think the right way is for the mojo 2 to be independently hooked to just be used as a monitor for my headphones through audacity and not connected to the active speakers on the 2nd output connector, because they aren’t meant to be hooked to powered speakers, because the sound will be distorted, is that right?

P. S. I haven’t mentioned about the usb-c input on the mojo 2 that will be paired to connect to the laptop and the jack that will be used on the laptop to output to it from the active speakers, cause that is pretty straightforward.