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This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Five digital inputs: coaxial, dual-data coax, optical, Micro-USB and USB-C
  • 90 mW 300 ohms (5.2 V RMS) 600 mW 30 ohms (4.2 V RMS)
  • Mojo’s Xilinx Artix 7 FPGA chipset, (XC7A15T)

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Let‘s see🧐



Waiting (im)patiently…

Oh wow, you already got one? They’re shipping then? Did you pre-order?

Yes, I was able to get a Mojo 2 from the first batch due to my pretty good connections to one or the other HiFi dealer here in Germany.

Another chapter is whether I can recommend this almost 600 € expensive amp DAC without further ado.

As a mobile maniac, I now have one or the other possibility of comparison, and after two days of intensive listening sessions, I’m not so sure.
I will certainly give the device and my ears a lot more time with a whole range of earphones / headphones.

But I’m not spontaneously flashed by the Mojo2, as I was with the two ifi devices Gryphon or iDSD Signature, for example.

It will still take a moment to find the perfect symbiosis between the Mojo2 and the most suitable earphones / headphones for him.


I’ve been enjoying the Mojo 2 for a couple of days now, maybe 5-6 hours in total so far. My initial impression is it sounds really really good. I’m not good at critically discerning what I hear and then describing it in writing as many of you are, but what I can say is it sounds very smooth and does a great job in making lower quality streaming (like internet radio) sound very good.

So far I have paired it with TRI I3 Pro’s (:+1:), Dunu SA6’s (:confused:), and Aune Jasper’s (:+1:).

Mojo 2 makes a cool little stack with the Hiby R3 Pro. I like using the R3 as a transport, as it works as a Roon endpoint (via AirPlay) and I can also get other content to it from my iPad or iPhone (also via AirPlay). Yeah you’re limited to 16 / 44.1 this way, but the Mojo makes that sound just fine.

The R3 matches the size of the Mojo perfectly. Use a little Blu Tack and you’re all set. I also have a Poly, but the user experience with that is garbage (or rubbish if you’re in the UK). Dropouts and a poor control app make it a no go for me. The R3 is less expensive and just a better piece of gear.

So is the Mojo 2 worth the upgrade from the original? My answer is a solid “yes.” Not inexpensive, but IMHO it is worth the price. I’m interested in your comments and experience…


Nobody else has a Mojo 2? Surprising…

I will have one to test soon-ish. :slightly_smiling_face: (Or, I could just buy one ASAP and not wait :sweat_smile:)

  • Is there a noticeable increase in detail, compared to Mojo 1?
  • Is there no SQ loss when using the 24/7 externally powered Desktop Mode?
  • Does it finally sound as detailed as Bifrost 2?

Improved detail over the original Mojo? Absolutely.

SQ loss in desktop mode? I have no idea, as I am now using it exclusively with Poly… but I would highly doubt it.

Equivalent to Bifrost 2? Again, no idea as I have never heard the Bifrost 2.

What I can say is to my ears the Mojo 2 is probably the best DAC I have heard. I stick primarily to IEMs and stream Roon to it via Poly. I haven’t touched my Hiby RS6 DAP since I got it. I’m thinking of selling my Honey H1, R6, and RS6 as the Mojo 2 is just that good.

Does it sound more spacious than Mojo 1?

Honestly I would say your IEMs or headphones will have more to do with that than the DAC.

I’ve spent some time now playing with the EQ filters and that does help dialing in whatever sound you enjoy most. The Mojo 2 imho is definitely an upgrade from the OG.

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I won’t have Mojo 1 or BF2 around anymore to compare it, but now it will be against a Gungnir. :slight_smile:

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interesting thread… pretty quiet for such an anticipated product. Perhaps its the gryphon, the lack of bluetooth, and so many other desktop options at lower prices that have silenced this product?

$500 Memorial Day sale for the Micro iDSD Signature is what made me move on from this product. I probably would’ve bought one had they been in stock. Feels like they’ve been out of stock since it launched.


This praise from GS made me pay attention to the Mojo 2. Plus, I’ve only just got an OG Mojo and it pairs really well with my Timeless. Really nice on my work speaker system too.

Chord Mojo 2 DAC and Headphone Amplifier the best DAC under $1000?