Chord Mojo advice & QC concerns

I’ve seen a lot of online stores selling Chord products at a discount lately. The Mojo is on Amazon and most other places for $399 currently, and that’s a pretty attractive price. I really don’t need it, as I have some pretty decent options for desktop and a Monoprice THX Portable I don’t really use that often, but people who like them seem to LOVE them. I’ve never heard anything by Chord before, so I’d like to give it a try before I let myself to dream about TT2s and M-Scalers down the road, but there are some pretty vocal critics out there from what I’m seeing. If anyone has tried one, I have questions for you!

The biggest concern is QC from what I’ve seen. 1 year warranty and countless stories about it dying at exactly 12 months and zero customer support from Chord before or after the warranty period. But most of those people seemed to think it sounded amazing before it died. If this is an issue with all their stuff, the idea of a TT2 + M Scaler combo for around $10k is completely out of the question for me, even though it’s not close to realistic for me now anyway.

I’d also love to hear if anyone has any experience with the Poly. I think the Mojo + Poly combo is cool in concept, but seems like it’s pretty convoluted to get it to work properly. Most complaints seem to be with the app for Android. I have an iphone, so I’m specifically curious if that works better.

I’m thinking about picking up Andromedas, and want to know if they play nice with the Mojo. I don’t love the THX portable with IEMs I’ve used, and don’t expect the Andromedas to be any different. Right now, I only use it with my laptop and I will end up selling it if the Mojo is IEM friendly.

I really liked the sound of the mojo, and had it for 2yrs before I sold it. I replaced it with an ifi xdsd that I needed up preferring more, but the mojo is very good if you like the chord house sound. I did not get a poly though. I would say they play pretty well with andromedas because of the low output impedance, so hiss would be minimal

Other than sharing it with someone on a plane, I don’t understand the point of identical 3.5mm outputs unless I’m missing something. I’m worried the sale price is because there is a Mojo 2 coming

That could be it. The Mojo has held its price for a while and I’m surprised you can get them new for this cheap now, so it’s possible for sure. The mojo is still a solid piece of kit though

I don’t really care about the lights, but I dig the marbles so I’ve always had my eye on them. $600 for portable DAC/Amp seemed excessive at the time though. Have you heard the Hugo, TT, or DAVE? Would the Mojo give any indication of the sound sig of those excessively more expensive devices?

I think the hugo 2 is great, and hugo tt and m scaler is great, I don’t think the mojo is at that level. They do have a similar sound signature though imo. I think the dave is overpriced and not worth considering, was pretty underwhelming when I got to hear it

I have a hugo tt2. It sounds fantastic. Also its headphone amp can basically power anything.

I wonder if the mojo have similar crossfeed filters? Those are interesting…

I’m sure the TT2 sounds exponentially better, but the idea of the Mojo + Poly working the way I hope they do with the sound quality Chord is known for has got me itching to spend money I don’t really have. With an SD card slot, it would be as good or better than any DAP I’ve had on my radar for about $1k. I’d just have to control it from my phone, which is where the reviews seem to vary. Darko Audio raves about it, but I don’t always trust his impartiality. But he uses an iPhone, and the negative reviews mostly seem to be from Android users. I just think the combined Voltron style of the Mojo+Poly is really cool:

It does look pretty neat, but yeah I have really only seen people use the poly with apple products

After owning this for a month, I have to say this may be the best source I own. The Poly has issues, but the Mojo on its own is pretty incredible. If the current sale price stays in effect, I’d have a hard time recommending anything over this at a <$500 price point desktop or portable

Lol yeah it is pretty nice, well that’s good you like it :+1: