🔷 Chord Mojo

at all those grousing about the price, increases suck, but Chord is probably adjusting to the new reality and lack of silicon and that gets passed on to us, the consumer :stuck_out_tongue:

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They are the same output and also work together. So for sharing headphones for example


Yes, I read about Rob’s views on Balanced. I’m not some one who cares wether it’s Balanced or not either, just would have liked to see other use for that slot. Maybe a line out or maybe scrap it all togeather and add bluetooth funtinality in it’s place.

I had the Mojo and micro iDSD Signature. Preferred the Signature more. We’ll see how much Mojo 2 improved over it’s predecessor. I could not find the price for it (in my country) yesterday, today I see a place listing the Mojo 2 and the price is not bad, less than the Gryphon. I might give it a try.

Like @juliangst said, it’s to support two different headphones with no way to individually adjust the volume.


So I have a RaspberryPi with an Allo Digione hat. That is connected via optical to a Khadas Tone Board. see pic

I just picked up an OG Chord Mojo and was wondering what cable I need to go optical out on the Allo Digione to the Toslink on the Mojo? Is this possible and/or what is the best solution in and then RCA outputs to my Fisher integrated?

Thanks in advance

I see a few Mojo (1) being sold with the release of Mojo2 - would it still be a great purchase in 2022?

Id say definitely yes. I just picked one up used for a 300 and its best 300 Ive spent I think in a few years. The sound and layering and just overall tone of everything is so much better than what I previously had. I was using an Allo Boss2 which replaced a Bluesound Node 2i and this via USB to my Hifi setup 1 is major improvement. I may pick up an allo or Hifiberry digi and play with testing coax and optical but I must say running it off USB and a 15 foot USB sounds divine.

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I’m looking at getting a Mojo. Considering their used price (£180), is there anything else worth considering for similar money, new or used? I’m keen on good staging and instrument separation. I prefer a very natural presentation, but have had issues with the RU6 I bought… Plus, I’ll be looking to drive Aeon X.

For aeons you need more power. I‘m driving my Aeon Noire with a Topping NX7 (1.2W power) and have to turn it up to 3 o clock on more quiet tracks.
At 13 Ohms all Aeons need a lot of current.

The Chord is outdated and who knows how good battery life is on such an old device.
If you want a good all in one device with a lot of power, excellent separation and tonality get the topping G5 (that’s the DAC Amp version of my NX7 which is only an amp)

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