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  • Micro USB, Coax, & Toslink input, dual 3.5mm headphone out
  • Custom Chord FPGA dac, 32/768
  • 720mw @ 8 ohms, 35mw @ 600 ohms

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is the Mojo warm, neutral or detailed / analytical?

Personally I find it not neutral, bit warm

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yes, i would also describe it as warm, a bit dark but also relaxed and with good depth. Not so much soundstage and detail, but a really pleasing sound signature i would describe as “mellow”. I also own a Dethonray Honey H1 and the compliment each other quite well. Honey has more detail and soundstage and is definitely not mellow… but it is AKM chip-based and the Mojo is FPGA. Currawong described chip-based DACs as more like “looking through a beauftiful window” and multibit/R2R as really being outside. I’m getting the impression, that the Mojo tends to sound more like the latter. But the Honey is still better overall imo. Mojo is so cute though, it has served me so, so well over the years. Really an outstanding device, especially if you are lucky and get a cheap one. It’s also quite a bit smaller then Honey or iFi Micro iDSD Black Label/Signature which can be a huge benefit outside. And especially for its size, the power is just nuts.


As always, feedback, opinions, and constructive criticisms are welcome.



I just traded a forum member a set of cans for the Dragonfly Red. I’ve been A/B/Cing between the Mojo, the DF, and I’ve BTR5. I thought I’d post my findings.

Basically, the Mojo is in a league of its own compared to the other two. I tested on the OG Nighthawk, the Starfields, and the LCD2PF. In all cases, the Mojo was the clear winner. Comparatively, the BTR5 sounds anemic, and the Dragonfly is dull and dry.

I can see how someone would make concessions for the BTR5 for convenience, but I can’t see why anyone would go for the Dragonfly over the Mojo, except for the cheaper price.

IMO, the Mojo is an extremely compelling product if you can pick one up used for around $300. Probably my favorite piece of gear, and that even counts dealing with the dongles.


Mojo doesn’t get a lot of love these days because it’s not the new kid on the block anymore. But it really is a solid device. Been using it as my solo source for a little while and I’ve been enjoying it a lot. It’s got a detailed and natural presentation to my ears. Paired with my LSA HP-2 I’m getting very realistic sounding timbre that makes instruments seem very lifelike and the combo is pulling new details I’ve missed out of almost every song I listen to. The stage and imaging is really on point too. I picked mine up right around $300 and it came with the official leather carrying case which ups the cool factor in my book. :slight_smile:


I am waiting till it eventually gets some kind of refresh and does not use micro-B. That connector is way to prone to wearing out quickly for the amount of money chord wants for the mojo.

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Chord mojo 2 is rumoured to be released by the of 2021

Anybody running Sundara off of Mojo?

The Mojo 2 is up for preorder. Anyone planning to get one? It looks like it’s got some nice new features like bass/treble adjustment. Also unlike the original, you can leave it plugged in 24/7 without it harming the battery
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I wanted to get one but 600€ is a bit steep.

I was pretty exited to get one but a few things killed the excitment for me

The first is the inclusion of Micro USB Ports, my Mojo’s ports got damaged after about 1 year of use and it was a pain too get it repaired. Instead of sticking with the older ports for the sake of Poly. Updating the Poly with Type C, better Bluetooth codec, usability… Would have been nice.

Don’t Like the Price increase either. At that level, there’s Gryphon that is far far more versatile and has Bluetooth in-built. I sold my Mojo after getting the iDSD Sig, even if Mojo 2 is better than Mojo, I doubt there will be a huge difference.

It’s Still using dual 3.5mm. A 6.3mm or even 4.4mm output would have been nice.

EQ feature at first glance seems interesting but I after reading up about it, it does not seem very intuitive.

It retains the Micro USB ports, but it adds a USB - C port. I don’t know it can work both for charge and sound.

Paying for the Chord tax just like L&P, A&K and the rest.

The USB C is most likely only for data which is a bummer

Chord don’t ‘believe’ in balanced so there will never be any chord products with balanced connection

The Mojo really seems unreasonably expensive.

I like the idea of having DSP equalization options, in a small format. But build quality doesn’t seem on par with the price.

Lol yeah I can’t justify it at that price with all the current gear I have. I’ll probably wait until I can get one second hand or on sale since I did like the original.
I haven’t touched ifi after not liking their original Black label. Though I hear their other stuff sounds noticeably different.

dual 3.5mm…one for each channel or support for two headphones?