🔷 Chord Qutest

This is the official thread for the CHORD QUTEST DAC

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • FPGA architecture
  • PCM up to 32-768, DSD up to 8x
  • USB, Toslink, 2 coax (BNC plugs) inputs
  • 1945 USD

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I’ll give @MrAyrit a plug too:

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Thanks. I haven’t watched yours yet. Are we in the same ballpark? Also, never got around to commenting on it, but I really enjoyed your introduction to the cable series. I am a fellow science educator and thought your explanation of what science is was very elegant. I look forward to the next episode!

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Thank you!

I didn’t compare the Qutest to the BF2. I compared it more to Hugo 2. IMO the two Chords are a noticeable technical step up from the BF2/Ares 2 tier that will justify the cost for some. They also have a tonal quality to them that I think makes them a bit more amp-pairing sensitive than BF2.