Chosing an integrated amp

I finally want to get a new for my Kef R100 and ended up with these options:

-Hegel H90* 1200€ used (but hard to find here)
-Yamaha A-S1100 1200-1700€
-Denon PMA-1600NE* 1100€
-Cyrus One 875€
-Marantz PM7005* 600€
-Iotavx SA3 400€ open box

*Has a ‘good enough’ DAC

I know, that these options have very high price differences but I just an amp that pairs nicely with the kefs regardless of price.
A 400€ amp might pair better than a 2000€ amp or the step up to that 2000€ amp might not be worth the price in that instance.

So I want to ask all of you who have experience with kef speakers what amp would be the best option out of these, or do you recommend an entire different amp?
I tent towards the Yamaha because of its build and dual mono pure analog setup or the denon which seems to be similarly good and also has a decent enough DAC.

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Hmm, so for the r100, I think the 1600ne would honestly be my pick, as it has a great dac and also great amp. Personally I am not a fan of hegel amps with kef as I think it’s too harsh of a pairing imo. The yamaha would be pretty good, but I think the dac might be a bit lacking imo. I haven’t heard the cyrus. The marantz would work, but I personally would prefer the pma 800ne at that price imo. The I have only heard lotavx briefly so I can’t really comment on that one

I just think the 1600ne is the most complete package for the price imo. The yamaha would be my pick if you wanted the best amp for the money, but I would also recommend an external dac with that one

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I´m not a big fan of the Kef sound but i heard some of the amps and know the Speaker…
-Yamaha 1100, very bright and sterile, I think it will sound aressive and tinny
-Iotavx SA3, could actually be a good match, kind of warm und nice
Edit: if it sounds good… add the IOTAVX A3 poweramp to get 4x 90W @4 and BiWire / BiAmp it (dont bridge) … year that would be sick
maybe Denon or Marantz…

I personnaly would pick a Naim 5si with your Speakers …I once heard LS50 with the Naim and it was the first time that I was really enthusiastic about both brands. They somehow work well together. But the 5si is underpowerd if you have a very large room. I liked the warm sound because i always had a problem with tinnyness from KEF tweeters but this doesn’t have to be true for you.

If you don´t want the warm, less edgy and a kind of underpowerd Naim Sound go Rega Elex-R.
One of my favorite Amps and it worked great conntected LS50s from a friend… massive Soundstage, more Detail than Naim, neutral but a little warmth in the mids and very good bass.
I kept my Elex-R in the closet for too long because I didn’t have matching speakers, but now I’ve finally ordered suitable Harbeth. I want to use this amplifier again. The perfect balance of musicality and details.

wow… someone finnaly understands! keep it up
I’m glad you’re over crown amps.

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