Clarification on Equalization

So I know we have a thread on who uses EQs and such, but not so much on HOW to use an eq for those who are new. Personally, I just found this video and found it to be incredibly informative.

Dont know if any of you have heard of this guy, but I would love to know what you guys who are more framiliar with EQs think about this, and if there is anything you would like to add or comment on?

This is his run down on bass. I get this is a bit more from a professionals point of view, but some of it can be applied to using EQ in the consumer market
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Those are some great videos. That guy has a real made-for-radio voice lol. Months ago I intended start an EQ how-to thread but never did due to laziness.

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I dont eq, but I thought I would watch the 3 rules video, and found them incredibly informative. Still dont think I will EQ, but at least now I can understand it and the frequencies better.

I like how he pointed out about adding and taking away using EQ and how its always better to take away rather than add.

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