Class D Speaker Amps with low noise and THD suggestion

Looking for an amp around 100W per channel, have some super sensitive speakers so need something I won’t be hearing the hum of when turned on

preferably under $1000 :face_with_monocle:

I have the Parasound NewClassic 200 Integrated. Its got 0.05% THD + 110 dB S/N. It also has a built in DAC and bass management for subwoofer integration. Nice for cutting sub bass from going to your bookshelves.

I’ve got an SMSL DA-8s[0] driving a pair of ancient Kenwood speakers and music comes out (which is about as far as I’m qualified to claim[1]). Zeos has done a review and seems to like it. Plus it’s cheap enough.

0: Actually two as one arrived DOA which may or may not get its solder points reflowed.
1: Besides my limitations, it’s driving my desk speakers which is temporarily in a tiny space under the stairs.

This one has some pretty great reviews out there. I’d wait for other to chime in though.

At 8ohms it does seem to be a bit on the low side but might be interesting as a headphone amp for the dt880’s in particular :thinking:

Seems rather interesting, the only thing if I have to be picky, is the lack of front nobs and buttons but does seem interesting:thinking:

Can’t seem to find a seller in Europe but otherwise, a nice suggestion thank you

I am by no means the right person to ask. However:
Why the worst class for THD in a super THD sensetive setting?

You would not use a forklift for a pair of pliers type task, would you?

No matter the amp class, without going extremely high voltage (think Stax driver), you are not pushing 100W into 600 Ohm.
So it is either :fire: (because high current) or :cloud_with_lightning: because voltage. Either would destroy the headphones and your hearing.

An amp pushing 100W into 4 Ohms is probably pushing <1W into 600 ( the math says 666mW) assuming it’ isn’t current limited at 4 which it might be.
It’ll be voltage limited, but that’s still enough to deafen you with most headphones.

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You could design an amplifier to supply 120V and then modulate current. That way you are “only” looking at 830mA (which would instantly cause the voice coil to smolder/burn).

Either way my dt880 600 ohm is currently plugged directly to the output of my Crown xls 1502, and works amazingly, only issue is the dt880 despite the high impedance are super sensitive and pick up the background hiss of my Crown. Just for a bit of context