Cleer Audio Next

Anyone had a listen?..

Yes, very meh overall lol. Interesting but nothing stood out to me as being worthwhile


They do look well built…sorta Empyrean meets Transformer?

Reminds me of the HD800 more than anything.

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They do look 800’ish but with a splash of Italian styling and Beyer :muscle: build.

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The one review I read on these a while back said they are extremely etched and bright in the treble. That alone made these a big nope for me.

but interesting for me lol

I can’t even recall what they sounded like, I just recall me thinking meh afterwords lol

Build was interesting though

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I had them for a while, incredible dynamic range, but they are too bright sometimes. With specific songs they sounded amazing and with others they were unbearable.


That coincides exactly with the review I read, so thanks for the feedback and verification.

I bet certain genres would sound great on them, but not my type of preferred sound signature. Neutral, warm and slight U shape tend to be my favorites.