🔶 Cleer Next

Cleer Next Open-Back ‘‘Audiophile’’ Headphone

  • Lightweight, open, alloy structure for resonance-free listening
  • 40mm ironless magnesium drivers for vivid and nuanced Hi-Res sound
    Price: 699$

I’m curious how these would hold up on Zeos desk. Never heard of Cleer, I think they look great but IMO, in the 600-800$ price range, they would need to sound exceptional to break through the competition.

Has anyone bought or tried the Next?

I’ve them, they are a little bright, highly resolving, and the most noticeable characteristic is the dynamic range. I’m not sure why or how but have an incredible amount of dynamic range. Other than that, they are hard to pair, and the cable they come with is terrible.

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They look great. Too bad they are so bright. I think brightness is often mistaken as detailed, or Cleer.