Clipping on Edifier S2000pro

Few months ago I purchased Edifier S2000pro active speakers and so far I liked them very much.
But yesterday while I played Spotify recommended list some music made these speakers scream.
It was awful clipping sound with each note from the begining of some song and I was listening at very quiet level. Quiet, meaning, less loud that normal conversation.

I listen music from Spotify via Google Chrome Audio Cast, RCA to Edifier speaker.

The song is Oi-1 by Biosphere, album n-plants. This music is really not my cup of tea but I would like to know what is causing that clipping sound, recording or Edifier.
How this sounds on your active speakers (especially if you have Edifier S2000)?

Here’s the song, please turn the volume down.


Does this only happen on this specific song from spotify? Have you tried playing this song from another source like google play music, youtube, or whatnot? If it only happens with this song, then that might just be how it was made. With a quick listen, it seems that it has fairly pronounced subbass, and that could cause distortion if it was loud. But since you were listening to a fairly quiet volume, that makes me think its a fluke or only this specific song through spotify. Sometimes a decoding error or a problem with a dac can cause everything to distort, and this can happen occasionally if something goes wrong with the signal

Hi M0N,
Thanks for reply!
I’ll check on my floor standing speakers. But my problem is if it’s problem with Edifier because I like these speakers. This never happened with other low frequency recordings. As I mentioned on headphones I don’t hear clippings.

So I would say it was a fluke then. Crazy distortion can happen from time to time if the data stream gets corrupted to the dac.

Thank you M0N!
I’ll check the same source/device on AVR with floor-standers. That might give the answer.
And as you said, I should play the same song from youtube or other source.

Also make sure to play it from spotify, because there could be a chance that the file sent to spofity got corrupted and no one noticed (but idk how likely that would be)

well, i listen this music with my headphones and my s2000pro, this record have some clipped notes in stereo walking from left to right, so i guess that your edifier are ok