Closed Back All Rounders

Iv’e been looking for closed back pair of headphones as an upgrade from my Sony MDR V6s. I generally prefer open backs but I want a nice pair of closed backs that I can use to listen to music, watch movies, or game in, when the neighbors are partying or the AC is on. I’ve been eyeing the Dt177x or the Meze 99 Noirs but I’m having trouble picking one. My amp is currently an Atom but my 789 should arrive next month. Iwould prefer not to spend over $500. Thanks for helping

The E-Mu Teaks are my favorite in this price range followed by the Fostex TR-X00 line available through massdrop. I own the Teaks and the Fostex Ebony, but all the Fostex are $100 off right now on Some prefer the Mahogany, but the Ebony seem to be the consensus favorite and are a great deal at $420

edit: I can’t speak for the 177x but I don’t recommend the Noirs. One of my least favorite headphones I own and they are more on-ear than over ear

I really like the fostex but the main issues is that they are honestly semi open and don’t really block out much noise, and also leak a bit. If that doesn’t matter they are a great choice tho

The 177x is a pretty great headphone with very good isolation, so that’s a good choice. And if you have smaller ears the NDH20 might be up your alley

I was looking at the Neumanns but I wear glasses and I’ve seen that they wont seal over glasses. I decided to just pull the trigger on the 177x so I ordered a pair of those. Thanks for the advice dudes

I own and LOVE the Meze 99 Classic’s. About $300.00 in the US. Beautiful to look at and sound great with a bit of bass kick. And they need Nothing to run them. Great out of my LG V30 or ZX300 DAP. They are my fun headphones and I use them out and about. Nice hardcase is included for protection.

Honestly, as a glasses wearer, I don’t feel this is the case. I’ve seen a few people say it, but I respectfully disagree. I noticed no difference at all with glasses on or off.

And they are my go to for everything honestly. A very select few songs I’ll switch between the NDH20s and my t60rps, but 98% of my headphones listening is with the NDH20s.

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I’ve got glasses and when I had the NDH20 I didn’t have a problem with that.

I’ll probably end up ordering a pair of Neummans off Amazon at some point so that I can try and see if I like them.

Neumanns are so bassy, according to the graphs and 3 people here on the forums (or more now?), returned them after trying them because of that…

I’d be interested in Neumanns only if I would wear glasses, lol.

I got a pair of CD900ST recently, great for travel and pretty solid plugged into my amp. Much better than 7506 or V6, like different league better.

how would the Focal Listen Pro’s fit into this? they don’t seem to get the recognition deserved.

They are pretty good imo, just not a lot of hype around them

Did you ever say if you prefer the Focal Elegia or the new Aeon 2 Closed?

Honestly, at this point I am leaning on selling the elegia because of the aeon 2, but I’m not quite there yet

You liked the Aeon 2 that much?

I personally do, yeah. If the focals folded, there might be more competition. If I didn’t have a good amp I would pick the elegia, but with a good amp I get more enjoyment from the aeon 2

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