Closed back alternative to HD58X

I am looking for a closed back pair of headphones with a similar sound signature to the Sennheiser HD 58X. I enjoy using those plugged into my Magni Heresy, but at times i really miss the isolation provided by closed back headphones. Regarding budget, i would be willing to spend up to 300€. If some of the HD 58X owners in this community could give out their recommendations or share their experiences with closed back alternatives, i would be very thankful.

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I really want to say the b and o h6 tight bass, good mids , smooth treble.

possibly stretching the budget, but used Emu Teaks or Fostex Ebonies are nice closed backs if you don’t need complete isolation

Wow, i wonder how it sounds? is there any leakage?

Gonna give this a shot when I get a few minutes to setup my printer

Gonna just say… couldn’t op just pick up a HD 598 Cs? It’s a closed back version incredibly similar to that of the 58x and from my understanding slightly cheaper than 58x. Personally, haven’t used it but figured I would bring it up and ask on that. Could also probably put in Neumann NDH 20 Studio in there as a higher end headphone and the 177x if you can find it at a good price margin despite being a U shaped tuning but more neutral since his budget states double the 58x price point.

I seriously do not recommend the 598Cs. I listened to it and thought it sounded worse than just about everything I have tried. It sounded hollow and like everything was stuck in a glass bottle. Very unimpressive and quite honestly not worth the price imo.

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Maybe see if there are any comparisons with the HD 280 pro or the 300 maybe? Idk if the sound will be similar but they both should have the “Sennheiser” tuning. My NDH 20 (though much more expensive) definitely have similar frequency response/tuning to my HD 650, there is a lot that separates their quality imo but the sound signature definitely leans towards warm and natural sounding. Just some suggestions

oof, really? My bad I definitely didn’t know… Always heard it was a good headphone… maybe that was the open back version though.

its not a bad headphone but was very over rated very boring and kinda old these days. its just a very neutral warm headphone that didnt do anything especially good but wasnt bad. but it came out at a time before the 6xx and 58x so it was a good value proposition at the time due to the only competition being the m50x and beyerdynamics. I personally find them boring. I feel the 599 and 58x are better options though.

ah just noticed we are talking about the closed back
yeah no the closed back 598 isnt very good.

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Yeah a lot of people like the open back version. It’s a decent headphone from what I hear. But I would definitely stay away from the closed back.

So, smooth closed-backs… neutral or mid-focused…
NAD HP50 ?

Welp, thought I was helping on the closed back recommendations lol I’ll be quiet. Thought the HD 598 and HD 599 were almost virtually the same and they had more sound stage than the 58x though? Hmm, well good to know, I was planning to grab a pair of 660 s myself but I was kinda curious about those HDs since they were rated really good and cheap. @Soren_Peregrine hmm, alright then. appreciate it then keeps me from making a bit of a dumb purchase as well lol.

The 599 is a good Improvement on the 598. It’s a warmer more dynamic sounding headphone. With more detail and better imaging . I was just saying the 598s these days both closed and open aren’t really worth the cash these days since the release of all the sub $200 massdrop cans. As the 598s thrived in a world where massdrop wasn’t a factor and Beyerdynamic isn’t as big of a name
now in the consumer market.

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First of all, thank you all very much for your contributions.
Regarding the B&O H6 and the NAD HP 50, they are currently not available at any reputable shops here in Germany. And modding the HD58X is not an option for me, i am looking for a closed back pair that i can just put on when outside noise levels get too high to enjoy the HD 58X as it is. I looked at the HD 280 pro, but there seem to be issues concerning comfort and build quality for some people.
I am probably just going to buy something like DT 770 Pro or AKG K371 and try to figure out an EQ profile that fits my needs.

Of those two, I would say the DT770 is very different than the 58x, it is has a very V shaped sound signature, with more bass, more treble, and the less midrange. The K371 would not be so extreme and would be closer.

NAD HP50s are available on eBay. For cheap “refurbished” (100$?) or expensive “new” (like 300$) from Australia.

And oops, totally forgot about the new K371s, yup.
The K361s are cheaper (and more “plasticky” ?) but even sound better according to some.

Those “some” tend to be very schizophrenic with their opinions, I don’t trust them anymore lol.

Hah! Well, K371s are definitely (home) studio-oriented, so might be too “flat” and revealing for just “enjoyment”.