Closed back alternative to HE-500

Are there any closed back headphones that wouldn’t annoy me putting on after HE-500? I’m not looking for a closed back copy of HE-500 nor I want to replace them. Just a similar allrounder with W shaped (?) sound. I don’t mind thin/bassy but I do mind hollow and bright sound.

Already tried TH-X00/Argons (V-shaped, sibilant), Nighthawk (veiled), Elegia (aggresive).

Any ideas what to look at next? Thinking about SRH1540, Aeon Closed, LCD-2 Closed Back but reading about them none of them seems to tick all the boxes.

Seems I’m writing this just for myself, oh well. Tried NDH20 - uncomfortable (shallow pads), sounded similar to HD6xx. And SRH1540 - little isolation, strange fit (maybe adjustable using enough force), soundwise really nice, maybe possible winner with more isolating pads (that could add too much bass). The search continues for now.

Edit to first post. There should have been Nightowl (muddy).

The Aeon closed back would be your best bet with the available tuning pads. I have the lcdcbs and they can be aggressive.

Thanks for the advice. From what I’ve read I’m inclined to Aeons Closed too, although I’m not sure if the mids aren’t too recessed, but they can’t be found in Europe so often.
In the meantime I listened to AH-D7200 (bass drowns everything else down, quite uncomfortable), Celestee (basically Elegia made right, I can imagine having them) and Radiance Bentley (like exaggerated Celestee in a bad way, unforgiving if the recording is bad). Seems I’m not Focals fan as they all sound somehow hollow (like not enough weight of the sound, can’t express it better) to my ears.

Mids get a lot better with noire pads

I’m sorry what do you mean by “noire pads”? Noire is one of the newer version of Aeons, isn’t it?

Yeah and it’s drastically better than the aeon closed and the only difference is pads. Used aeon 2 can be had cheap and they’re just a pad swap away from being ugly noires.

But Aeon 2 is the same price as Aeon Noire.

I had the Aeon R/T closed delivered from America to Germany at the end of July.
And there were zero problems with it with the process.

The R/T will probably be a lot better than the He 500 as it tends to be more V shaped I don’t think the mids have come back.

It’s actually quite good and offers a lot for the money.
If anything will be the deciding factor, it will be the amping.
Have enough power at 32 ohm on the amp side and if possible don’t distort.
Then it should fit.

The R/T should not be that far away from the Aeon 2.
Someone who had the Noire said he thought the R/T was better.

The Lcd2 is not bad either, I only have the open version and compared to the R/T closed it is difficult because both do a lot of things right and each can reproduce better or worse.
It’s a matter of taste in that respect and you can only hear it when you’ve heard both.

In my opinion the R/T is very close to the Lcd 2 and a bit brighter than the Lcd 2.
The R/T is a bit more direct in the face and has a very defined stage, also in the detail reproduction.
And rock is definitely its stage.

With the Lcd 2 I like this relaxed and fluid but not quite as detailed as with the R/T.
When it is, it’s different in a different way.

I rightly exchanged the Denon 7200 for the Lcd 2.
Because it was too thick in the bass range and liked to go over the mids.
If the Denon was the same for you, it will definitely be less and feel more right with the Lcd 2.
And it will be exactly what you expected.

The R/T is certainly a touch more resolving and straightforward in its resolution.
My impression is that the Lcd 2 can do it too, but it has to be louder.

Personally, I’m not completely in agreement.
Both run very well on the Singxer Sda 2.
But a hybrid amplifier in the pipeline will shed more light on this.
And play on a completely different level.
Even on the solid-state amplifier, if it’s proper, both are very close again.
So they both give each other nothing.
But I’m glad to have them both.

It depends a bit on your preferences.
If you want something more relaxed then the Lcd2 if you can handle the weight.
If you want something more forward and with a higher resolution, then the R/T is your partner.

Where it’s borderline for the R/T is brightly tuned amps, which becomes too analytical.
Where it became really critical for me was the pairing of Matrix Audio ipro mini 2 S and Little dot 1+.
That was too much for me, even with the thickest filter, which is also included in the delivery.

Unfortunately, you can only get the R/T through Dan Clark Audio shop, but nowhere else, not even in Europe.
And you still have to reckon with a bit of customs and VAT.

Thank you for a very detailed elaboration :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Since the Aeon RT Closed is much cheaper than LCD2CB it seems as a better choice to try them first.

Tried LCD2CB. If one can handle the weight, clamp force and soundstage it’s a good alternative to HE500. Bass lighter, mids less forward, treble with a bit more energy (it’s on the edge for me), more detail. Unfortunately the clamp force and soundstage is too much for me.

Give a try for the Aeon R/T closed If the clamping force is too much for you.
Here’s a tip if that’s the case, take both hands on the bar and bend it slightly towards your feet (i.e. inwards), thereby increasing the arc somewhat.
But do it with feeling and try it out again and again on your head.
Depending on the shape of your head, the R/T may have too much contact pressure, but this is normal at first.
The temples are often bent into a shape, so you sometimes have to help a little.
But it is mainly due to the shape of the head.

The R/T will probably be more to your taste if the Lcd 2 Cb was not for you.

Bending the headband doesn’t work that much as it is a suspension headband, but I actually got quite used to the LCD2CB fit. Played with the EQ a little and calmed the treble down a bit.

I got the Aeon 2 Closed too and I must say I’m dissappointed. Maybe it’s not a good pairing with my NFB 11.38 or maybe there is something wrong with my ears, but the headphones sound nowhere near the LCD2CB transparency level and that kinda kills it. Bass seems strange to me too, like it’s slow or lazy. Unfortunately I don’t have an opportunity to listen to it on a different rig.

I think will stick to the LCD2CB for now because I don’t really know where to look next.