CLOSED BACK - Can anyone compare these two models with each other?

I’m looking for closed-back
-Maximum price: €800
-Doesn’t need a lot of power.
-That it has good resolution.
-Have good spatiality.
-Main genre: Ambient.

In case you don’t have them you can also add the Denon 7200.
I also add a poll to vote.

  • DENON D7200

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I just got the Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 Noires. I’m enjoying them more compared to the HiFiMan he1000v2 open backs and the Focal Clear. For about $700 the Aeon 2are amazing. I introduced a non-audiophie, musician friend to my iem / headphone collection . He liked the sound and experience of the Aeon 2…and how he was surrounded in music…compared to heavy hitter iems such as the U12t, MMK2, Helios, Anole VX, Andromeda 2020. He gave the Aeon 2 first place…followed by the Apple Airpod Pro 2. He digs the spatial audio on the Apples. His favorite iem was the IE600

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Focal Radiance maybe if you could find a deal?

Personally i havent tried the Sundara closed back but, the 7200 VS Elegia the 7200 is way better IMO - much warmer and more pleasent while still being somewhat natural with a solid bass. Dont get me wrong the Elegia is a solid headphone but its “sharp” in a lot of cases and pretty aggressive, though it it more detailed.

P.S try to see if you can get the 7200 open box, i got mine for around 420$ open box off amazon

I’ve never heard of this brand OTHER or thir headphones called COMMENTI…I’d like to know more! :wink:

denon 7200 sounds quite amazing if you can get it definitely worth

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I have not heard this… but seems like you might be able to find a second hand fostex:

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650€…i don’t know.

Hi if youre just starting out with closed back. The focal elegia is really a top way to go. Prices are good right now. New for about £300 ish. Very comfy, good sound, well built, for indoors. And you can buy mezz99 cables if you want longer . Or you could try the meze99 too. More bassy, very comfy.

Which one has more resolution?
Elegia, Meze 99 or D7200?

The elegia is sharper and cleaner but id say the 7200 more balanced so nothing is overpowering, the 99 is fun but not resolving at all (gets better with a pad swap but still…)

Sleeper pick, really nice headphone if you are okay with an on-ear mobile optimized set… no longer in production: Audeze Sine closed back:

In the end I bought the Focal Elegia for 380€ on Amazon. It is pre-owned but it says it is in like new condition which is the highest rating scale.
I needed a closed back for work. The in ears are bothering me more and more.

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I love fucking Elegia sound. Maybe my ears are broken.