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I’ve recently gotten an itch for an upgrade. My current setup is a Schiit stack (Modi 2 Multibit and Magni 3) with both 58X’s and M40x’s with Brainwavz pads.

My primary use is gaming/shows/movies with some music.

I love my 580X’s, especially for competitive FPS but I’ve recently been playing more MOBAs and MMOs that don’t require open backs. I live in NYC so outside noise is an issue with my open backs.

I’ve been thinking about getting the Drop Ether CX or Argon MK3. Thoughts on either for my use case?

If I need a DAC/AMP upgrade I’m also considering the Drop X R-2R and Drop 789.

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Well, if you want better competitive gaming the ether cx is great, and if you want more fun for casual gaming, the argon’s are great. If you have the budget, I would go with the ethers. I would wait on the amp upgrade until you get your headphones, and then see if you still think you need one. I don’t think you would need to upgrade the dac unless you are having issues with it

if your budget allows, take a look at the Audeze Mobius, it’s a wireless closed back planar magnetic gaming headset. it also lets you wire up, but doesn’t need a DAC or amp.

on the flip side, if that is too much, than take a gander at the new Cooler Master MH751 or MH752.

The Ether CX are really good, well-rounded headphones that can do competitive FPS or MMO and MOBAs well. Since getting them, I’ve used them as my daily drivers for everything I do at my computer.

But, as a closed back headphone, they are not the most sealed or noise isolating design (active noise cancelling and in ears being the most isolating). They do well but I wouldn’t choose them to take them on the ACE train from Penn for even a few stops to my wife’s workplace over IEMs without driving the Ether CX to fairly loud volumes. Something a little less loud like a LIRR, I’d choose the Ether CX over my IEMs if that helps give any indication on sound isolation.

The Ether CX will probably be good-to-go on your current setup, so I don’t think you’d have to upgrade if you weren’t already looking to do so. That being said, I have not tried mine single ended and I’m not sure if they would be a concern or consideration to upgrade your gear.

They should be fine with his current setup, but they do usually appreciate more power. I would agree that the isolation is decent and they are very comfortable.

The only thing to consider about the sound as they are more in your face type of detail and emphasize usually small details

Thanks all. I think I’ll by the Ethers in the next few weeks and my daily driver. Are they comfortable?

Regarding the amp/dac. I’ll stick with what I have for now and see how it goes. What are the thoughts on the R-2R and 789 as a stack though if I do end up upgrading? Do they pair well together? It’s a bit of a shame the R-2R isn’t balanced as well but I’m not sure I’d be able to tell the difference.

The build and comfort on Mrspeakers products are excellent, so I don’t see any concern there.

Regarding the arist and the 789, it’s a great combo and more then enough for most people, so I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. And regarding balanced, the 789 isn’t truly balanced anyway, so your really not missing out on anything. The arist adds a bit of almost warmth and less harsh sound to the 789, so it can be a pleasing combo if you want something not as harsh. But if your looking for more transparent and aggressive, I would suggest the SMSL SU-8 v2, as it’s a bit cleaner then the arist, but I still think the arist is great as long as you don’t want clean as possible

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It’s a bit superficial of me but I’d like a matching set (similar to my Schiit stack) which makes me lean towards the Arist. What are the thoughts on something like the Liquid Carbon X DAC/AMP?

The thx 789 and arist is going to be a lot better then the lcx. I would just go for that if you are set on it. I know a couple people with the arist and 789 and they don’t plan on upgrading anytime soon for sure

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I can confirm that they are comfortable. For a planar, they are very light. The headband is flexible metal bands which clamps well without crushing your head.

As long as your ears do not touch the pads or driver tuning they are easy to wear for hours. In hot weather the cups can get a bit stuffy, but that is true of every closed back. In air conditioning at home I can easily wear my Ether CX over four hours without needing to remove them.