Closed Back Headphone Shootout

Since now days everybody as THX amp so the source will be powered of a THX amp and if you don’t have a THX amp then Topping A50.

The contests

-Verite Closed
-Ether C flows
-Fostex TH900/900 Sapphire

In your opinion list them for best to worst

I mean I don’t think I would really recommend most of those off a thx if you want to get full performance out of them. They would all work out of a thx but it wouldn’t be the best pairing imo

What exactly are you wanting them ranked by? Because there isn’t a best overall or anything

Okay then tell me the source and I can edit it but the people mostly have thx amp. its your preference so rank them by your preference. I agree there isn’t an overall but there is one you prefer over the other for example the bass I think the bass is the best on the sonys

Well ideally you would have different pairings for each headphone. Not to get too specific, but I think you would want to get a tube amp for the 820, verite, and awas/awkt, and you would want that one sony dac/amp combo with the z1r, and for the th900 I would want something with a fair amount of power behind it, and for the lcd I would want something moderately powerful but not too much, and for the ether c flow I would just replace it with the aeon 2 closed since I much prefer that to the ether c flow (sold my flow for the aeon 2 closed)

I mean for the most part I like an respect all of them lol, but I would have to think (as in I am busy rn and will come back to it lol)

U mean the 2000$ low powered Sony amp/dac or the portable one which I think is a grand

The desktop dac amp one yes the 2k one, that is literally made for those headphones. I think it pairs the best with them (it should anyways lol). I wasn’t thinking that high price for the other dac and amp pairings though, just the sony

ZMFs are literally made for tube amps and will sound way better on one than a THX, but they would still be okay, just not really amounting to their full potential.

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No Denon? :open_mouth:

Too many Denon

the ones I see the most are the 7200 and the 9 something can’t remember on the top of my head

Give us more information as to what you like. do you like bright or dark headphones? bass or treble or midrange? big or small soundstage? what headphones do you already own? which ones did you like? which ones did you not like?

The 9200 is pretty nice, I personally end up preferring the 900mk2 over it

so are you saying the 900mk2 are the best?

Nope, I just prefer the more fun approach of the 900mk2, but the 9200 makes more sense if you want a more refined sound

I would think the LCDXC would be awesome right?

It’s pretty nice, but it does have its flaws in sound. Closing up a big planar comes with it’s costs. I do like it though

so dynamics take to closed better than planars?

I mean it depends on design, the LCD headphones were most likely not designed to be closed, where some planar were designed to be in a closed headphone. It’s like trying to close of an hd600 will not sound the best, because it wasn’t made for a closed headphone

So what would u like better then the 900mk2

I mean, I like other headphones more but for different reasons, I really don’t personally have a best headphone or anything

assuming you heard the zmf verite closed do you think differently of it and do you still recommend it with a tube amp.