Closed back headphone suggestions to pair with the V-MODA BoomPro

Hello, I’m currently a small streamer / YouTuber who plays on an Xbox one and I need a headset that has good audio and most importantly a great mic so I can stream and do voiceovers to a high quality!

My price range is sort of around £100 or under or a little over so I can’t afford too many fancy headphones!

I’ve looked at a few good headsets that have great mics such as:

The Sennheiser GSP 300
The Sennheiser Game Zero (can’t find any cheap)

I have also looked at the V-Moda boom pro which is by far the best microphone I’ve heard and it would be a much better option for YouTube however I can’t find a suitable closed back headset… Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!

If someone could also explain why open back head back headphones are better I’d be grateful… I enjoy good audio in my games however I’m concerned open back headphones will cause an echo during voiceovers… and I’m concerned I won’t be able to monitor my mic as well (Xbox has mic monitoring capability).

Thank you!

IMO if you are going to VO and steam/youtube I would wait and save a bit for a setup with a dedicated mic and then some decent monitoring headphones (think around 80 USD bucks for the mic and interface, and around 80 USD for the headphones)

Open backs typically sound more natural than a closed back, but tbh there are lots of variables that go into the sound of a headphone where I really can’t say many definitive reasons. For your case, a closed would be better for mic monitoring and sound leak concerns imo.

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Yeah the reason the microphone is very important is the fact I don’t have access to a computer so a specific dedicated microphone like a Blue Yeti will not be an option at the moment so I need a good enough headset mic in order to do the voiceovers through my Xbox, hence why the Boompro looks so attractive!

Ahhhhhhhhhh okok gotcha. Well, perhaps consider something like a mh751, it’s pretty solid for the mic. The boompro is also nice too, finding a headphone like the audio technica ws1100is work well. The sennheiser mics are known for their pleasing sound on the headsets, so perhaps a pc37x if you can find one over there?

Is the PC37x closed back and functional for Xbox? And also do you know any other headphone/headset options to pair with the boom pro if possible?

And yeah I’ve heard good reviews of the mh751 mic wise however I think the boom pro is the closest to a blue yeti or a dedicated mic that you can get other than the modmics (way too expensive for my budget)

Pretty sure it will work with xbox but it is open back (but not a ton of leak or anything). The audio technica msr7 is another one, I think the beyer custom pro one plus might also work

I mean honestly I don’t really think any of the headset mics besides those out of your budget being broadcast headsets will rival even a cheaper desktop xlr setup tbh, but with no pc that’s not really an option.

Cool! I’ll take a look at some of those and thanks for letting me know open back wouldn’t be the best option for me regarding YouTube!

With something too open, you don’t want to have sound leak into your microphone for recording or streaming, and you also want some isolation for monitoring what you are doing

Any more headsets that you would recommend that work with the Boompro? Around under £100 and are closed back

I think the Sivga 006 might also work well

Aren’t those open back?

Also some of the headphones are over £100 which is a little too much especially when I combine it with £32 for the boom pro so any more suggestions under £100 for a closed headset that works with the boom pro well is appreciated

There just aren’t a ton of options is the issue, I personally can’t think of any other headphones that would work besides the one I have mentioned before in the price range

I appreciate you trying to help anyway!