Closed-Back Headphone Under 1k


I am looking for a warm engaging closed back headphone for under 1k

I’ve come across ZMF Atticus, Kennerton Magni, Denon AH-D5200. idk which one I should choose and is there any other suggestions?

source: RebelAmp

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I suggest adding Audeze LCD2C Closed backs as well. Really enjoying them on my singxer right now.

Can you elaborate a bit more on what you mean by engaging? Like the opposite of relaxed and laid back?

2 more suggestions: the LSA HP 2 ultra which is literally the kennerton gjallarhorn (magni’s bigger brother) for a cheaper price and the aeon 2 noire. I’m actually looking for the exact same thing as you right now, and I’ve narrowed down my options to these 2, and I really wanna know which one out of the 2 of listed is better as well.


Some more suggestions: Focal Celestee and the various Fostex mods (like the Modhouse versions for example).

And as mentioned, it would be easier if you gave some definition of “engaging”. Also, based in your definition of engaging, would you sacrifice warmth for it? Or vice-versa?

Just to add something different, I made a trade today to get the Beyer T5’s, third gen. I am hoping that they are an all around good closed back. Don’t need slamming bass, not a big fan of treble and hate recessed mids.

I had the T5p.2’s and hated them. The new ones are supposed to be the opposite, sound wise.

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Yes I am looking fun sounding headphone but not too bassy

D5200 would a bit too bassy, you can consider D7200 which has a slightly more neutral but still fun tuning, and it’s more intimate and forward than the older Denons/Fostex. Lawton modded Fostex/EMU is pretty fun but it makes it a lot more engaging than stock. ZMF might be a bit too laid back, at least the Atticus is. I think the Audio-Technica WP900 could be your cup of tea. There are many options here tbh


Check out emu teak!

Aeon 2 Noire

Strongly considering the HP-2 and the Aeon 2C myself as well. Have you made any moves yet?

I did order the HP-2 it ships tomorrow… it got so many positive feedbacks so I decided to try it out and I already own the Aeon X… while they don’t sound like the Aeon 2C but I think they both are V-Shaped and I wanted something different.


Niiiiice! Very curious to hear your thoughts. Been hearing lots of good things about that headphone.

Nope, still debating between either of em

I really enjoy my HP-2.

Received my HP-2 Today
The build quality isn’t as premium feeling as I expected but maybe because it’s incredibly light… Definitely the lightest headphone in my collection so far.
Plugged the headphone on RebelAmp and for some reason the headphone sounded awful for the first 2 mins but then it sounded a lot better, It doesn’t sound like closed-back whatsoever! it doesn’t isolate as much too sounds more like a semi-open. I like how it sound now but there is a slight channel imbalance… this issue might be solved during the burn-in because I faced this with my Ananda when I first got it.

So far I am liking this headphone but I hope the channel imbalance issue disappears.


You can bend the headband to get a better seal.

Is there a specific way that is recommended for bending the headband?

+1. I have and listen to these exclusively. Really amazing headphones.

I haven’t messed around with it myself. Might be some advice online or maybe some people on here that have done it can chip in.