Closed back headphones for gaming, music and sales calls

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My first decent set of headphones just fell apart (Cooler Master MH751) and so I’ve decided to get a well built pair of headphones but they have to be suitable for gaming, music and have a great mic.

The MH751 hit all these but I think there’s a design flaw in there, fix that and I’d be right back again!

So after a lot of research I’m looking at the following -

Audio-Technica ATH-G1
Sennheiser GSP300 or GSP600

Audio-Technica ATH-G1WL
Sennheiser GSP370

Damn, just heard the VModa BoomPro review - any suggestions for closed back headphones that will accept a BoomPro and are good for my needs?

PS. I’m in Australia so Massdrop isn’t an option for me.

Perhaps a beyerdynamic MMX 300? The mh751 is pretty great, but the design could be a concern although I have not had an issue with mine

Something else might be the sennheiser game zero, as it has a good mic an pretty good sound

Audio-Technica BPHS1 or Audio-Technica BPHS2 would be a good option

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The Beyerdynamic Custom Game has a good mic that works just like the V-Moda. Sound quality is very nice, maybe a little bassy (the mic, that is).

I thought the custom game was alright for mic, but the headphones are pretty nice

That’s a good thing! It’ll make you sound hyper masculine like a cross between Thanos and Tony Robbins.

MMX300 looks amazing but it’s AU$399! A bit out of my price range (which I realise I didn’t mention), also I didn’t realise the Sennheiser GSP 600 are the same price.

There’s so much choice when it comes to headphones, it’s easy to get paralysed with choice!

Other options include -
DT770 + VModa
ATH-M40x + VModa
Senn GSP 300

I’d mostly use them at home so not too bothered about the looks of the GSP.

The DT770 and a modmic might be nice, along with something like a m40x with a modmic

The gsp 300 is pretty good mic wise but a bit lacking for sound quality

While I love my m40X (assuming AudioTechnica?) for their bass, I find them a bit uncomfortable after long sessions.
I never had DT770’s on for >4 hours, but when I had them on, they were more comfortable (mostly because the headband).

Edit: Maybe someone here has DT-770, 880 or 990’s and M40X and can test if the headband cushion fits the M40Xs.

This is my dedicated gaming headset. Not the same level of sound quality required for calls, but it works very well for me

Thanks for all your advice! I went shopping today and I decided to grab the GSP 300 at a special price!

I figure that I can get something more special for music/TV when I save more money.

Question -

Syba Sonic amp


FX-Audio/Fosi/Dilvpoetry DAC/Amp

I would say go with the syba sonic because it has a mic in which might be helpful if you have a noisy mic in on your PC

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One last question - I’m plugged into the back of the motherboard which seems to sound a lot better than the front socket.

I looked at the spec and it says it has SupremeFX S1220A with Sonic Studio III and found this spec page -

Some have said this board is pretty good but what are your thoughts? Is this just marketing bullshit?

I mean, it’s probably fine, but I think something like a fiio k5 pro would be a step up

I would say wait on the dac/amp to see if you really need it before pulling the trigger because your motherboard audio could be just fine

Thank you M0N :slight_smile: You’ve been a great help!

No problem, if you have any questions just ask