Closed back headphones for gaming?

Hi guys, I’m on the hunt for a ~$400 good closed back headphones; mainly for hardcore gaming.

I owned HD 6XX, 800s, Sendy Aiva, they are great for music, but when comes to gaming footsteps I need to crank my volume up a bit to able to hear it.

I’m looking at DT 177x GO, 1770 PRO, 770, 880, MM300, mostly Byer because of the high for footsteps. Any other rec’d would be great help!

I think the dt177x go would be up your alley as I think it has the best imaging and soundstage out of the aforementioned headphones

I also think you may like the ether cx as it will emphasize every spatial queue so you may find that helpful

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I’m looking at 1770 PRO vs 177X GO right now. Both same price for now, $380 on amazon & drop. Not sure which one to pull the trigger on.

So, the 1770 actually has the less refined tuning imo. I didn’t really like 1770s turning and prefer the 177x because it was a bit more pleasant and balanced, as the 1770 was a bass cannon stock imo

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i would go for the Beyerdynamic MMX300 MkII. Zeos raved about it:

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