Closed Back Headphones (Higher End) Gaming + Music Guidance

Could I go enog 2 pro + asgard 3 then upgrade to a iha6 or liquid platinum in the future when i want to go balanced?

Sounds like a plan to me imo, would be real solid

Just put in an order for the dt177x go, enog 2 pro, and asgard 3. Will I need to purchase rca cables to connect the enog 2 pro and asgard 3?

Yes, pretty much any rca cables will do the job, the shorter the better

To connect the enog2 pro to my pc I need a coax to 3.5mm jack right? Is the 3.5mm connected to the line in on my motherboard? Pretty lost :sweat_smile:

So your motherboard has an optical output correct? What motherboard do you have?

Its a ASRock x570 Phantom gaming 4

Hmmmm. That doesn’t have a digital audio out, you would grab something like this to use it (I’m surprised your motherboard has no digital audio out)

And then an optical cable if you don’t have one

Thanks for all the help. It’s been greatly appreciated. So the converter comes with a USB B to USB right? There is a picture of it but it doesn’t state that it is included.

Let me start off by saying that I think you hit the nail on the head on what I was looking for. Your advice has been spot on. I’ve been listening to my dt177x go’s for the last couple of weeks (took forever to arrive…) and am loving them. The stock pads were nice and I really didn’t have any qualms with them but they were a little to analytical and were missing some bass and spaciousness maybe? They just didn’t quite wow me. Tried out the other included pads and it added a bit of bass. Then I order some XL perforated pads per Zeos’s recommendation. Now they are sounding even better to my ears. Anyways, very happy with the advice.

I’m sure I’m making myself sound even more clueless, but I’m a bit confused as to why I’m not able to select 24 bit from the windows properties tab. The highest I can select in the drop down menu is 16 bit 48000 Hz. The Enog 2 pro is supposed to hit 24 bit. Is this due to my computer using the Signstek Q5 (which I’m using as a pass through so I can connect the Enog 2 via toslink to the Signstek then via USB to my PC) instead of the Enog 2? I couldn’t find any other audio output source besides what windows is calling “Speakers (USB Audio DAC).”