Closed Back Heaven

Hi All
I am after a new set of closed back headphones.
Some are cheaper or more expensive depending which side of the Atlantic you are on.
I am in the UK and want to purchase off Amazon as I have a few vouchers.
I was considering Neumann ndh 20 but they are not on the UK Amazon. What is the best sub £350 closed back for music listening (all types of music literally)? Imageing and detail are important whilst also being fun and exciting (not looking for the typical Sennheiser sound). Vocal focus is not my primary focus.
Please suggest away with your bang for buck recommendations.

Will also be using with a FiiO Q5S most of the time.

Perhaps try and find a used fostex x00 ebony or emu teak, or a denon d7200 perhaps imo. How closed does it need to be? These are more semi closed imo and not really portable

I now count the dt770 250 portable due to the nice coiled cable :ok_hand: fun bass and detailed highs… may have better options at a higher price however


Doesn’t need to be portable. I have a set of DT770’s which are OK.
I am looking for pretty good sound isolation.