Closed back hp up to 600€

I’m looking for a closed back hp 600€ max to replace my old oppo pm3. I travel quite often so the open back is excluded. In this upgrade I look at the sound quality (possibly better than the oppo pm 3 ) overall, and not heavy bass focused but more neutral and clear sound. I don’t know if the nhd20 could be a good choice. I’m not an expert, so I’ll accept any help from who is more experienced in this field. Anyone who can help to figure this out ?

The Focal Elegia could be a good option. It has a very clear and detailed sound signature that is not bass heavy. It is a reasonable size and comes with a very nice travel case. It’s also easy to drive and would work well with portable sources. Original retail price is over your budget, however they have been recently discontinued so the price has dropped most places.

Another option might be the Beyerdynamic T1. Although I don’t have any experience with that headphone. I know some people really like the Gen 2 version of that headphone.

*Edit: just realized that the T1 is semi-open back. The T5 is the closed back version.

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I think T5 is only good if u can find AKT5p or T5 Gen 3 which might be beyond the budget.

But Beyer did come to my mind, perhaps 177x Go or DT1770

The new T5’s are a pretty good fit for your need. Price wise, you might need to buy used.
I got mine in Friday and am pretty impressed. Very balanced sound. No screechy highs, but no thumping bass. I traded for these with the hope that they might be a good “all rounder” closed back. And they appear to be just that. IMO not nearly as good as the Cascades, but they also don’t have the world’s worst headband either.
And they are miles better than the WP900’s.
And the isolation is amazing, both going out and coming in.

The T5 and Elegia are also good for music on smartphone and computer or mainly paired with external sound card ?

I haven’t tried my T5’s on portable sources as I spend most of my listening time these days on my system. I will try my phone and DAP today. They 32 Ohm, so I think they should be fine. I will let you know.

I’ll throw in the Emu Teak and the Denon Ah D5200, but the Emu is better for home use and I don’t have any concerns about the Denon.

There is also the Meze classic or Noir.
Noir is available through Massdrop.

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The T5’s work just fine on portable sources. Using my Hart Audio connectors I tested out my LG V30 phone via 3.5mm jack. Works just fine although I got lost in the EQ’s uselessly trying to get my phone to sound like a full system. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Couldn’t go much over 30 out of 75 volume wise. Although I don’t listen much over 70Db’s.

Next up was my DAP (Sony NW-ZX300). I used a 4.4mm connector to get balanced output. I didn’t go much over 60 out of 120 in low gain. Again I got frigging around with EQ.

I am getting Very used to my home system vs out and about. I hadn’t really noticed until today. I guess that’s what two years at home does to you. :grin:

Anyway, mobile devices will give you Plenty of available power with these headphones.

Also, I would second the Meze 99’s or Noire’s at half your budget as very nice closed back, mobile headphones.

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I will take in considerations your suggestions. What about the DCA aeon 2 noire. Any thoughts?

I have never even stood next to a Dan Clark Audio headphone, so nothing from me. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Good luck!

I will say the aeon 2 noire is the only closed back I’ve ever heard that I thoroughly liked the sound of. Every other closed back I’ve ever heard sounds just a little off to me. Even the aeon 2 closed just wasn’t it. Super comfortable too.

Does anyone help about the magni vs aeon 2 noire? I’m looking for a good closed back under 800€ and I read a lot of good reviews and thoughts about the magni. Any suggestions ?