Closed-Back Tygr 300R?

Hello everyone, I am looking for a pair of closed back Beyerdynamics that have a similar tuning to the Tygr 300R. I am also willing to pad-swapping to achieve the tuning.

I just need something that will isolate noise from the outside world at times, and I really enjoy the Tygr’s tuning.

You may like the aeon closed rt or x. Similar sound but maybe a bit more forward mids. The fostex th610 and it’s variants also have a similar fr but is not as isolating as the aeons for example. The fostex th610 are also easier to drive.


Thank you for your input. I have a Schiit Asgard 3 + Schiit Modius, so I am confident I can drive the Dan Clark Aeon RT/X you mentioned. However, I’m kinda scared of taking a dive into the Planar world because idk how different the tonality would be; jumping from dynamic to planar drivers and all.

Having said that, I will lean closer to the Fostex cans you mentioned, because I learned a lot about biodynamic drivers from this forum before.

Easy enough… Beyerdynamic X Drop collab 177x GO or for a sharper V shape just DT 770 / MMX300 2nd gen. 177x is slightly basser(closed back after all) but the signature is extremely similar, just as easy to drive, responds to pad swaps just fine for whatever you wanna do.


Thank you for the reply. I think I will follow your footsteps, and stay within the Beyer range. Therefore, I will get the Beyer x Drop 177X.

Having said that, I now have a good idea of what headphones to buy when I feel a little adventurous.

Should be also right now 100 bucks off from drop if i remember correctly :wink:

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I will make my purchase next year, because I just bought the Tygrs a few days ago.

Thanks for the tip though :pray:

I’ve been wondering about a closed back version as well. Do you think the 1770 (not the 177x) and Nightowl come close to the Tygr when it comes to soundstage and imaging? I wouldn’t mind a slightly more full bodied/impactful presentation (for gaming, maybe movies as well) and those should deliver in that regard from what I’ve gathered.

Open vs closed so mostly no. Night owl I’m also not a fan of as it’s on the boomy side. 1770 I’d encourage passing on honestly… in terms of performance I found 177x to be superior and definitely less bothersome in the treble.

For a closed back comparison though? Yea the stage on the beyers is rather large and can drive pretty deep. This same factor is seem in the newer 700 granted that one has less stage

I’d switch owl for hawk honestly as I just find them better same with 177x instead of 1770… then again for more casual gaming you have alot of options based on what your searching for.

Hm, interesting. The main reason I’d go for them is the isolation, I don’t see them as a choice over open backs, I’d get the Hawks at some point anyway, but I don’t really have a closed back, y’know.

Does one of them at least not “lump” the sounds together? One reviewer said that the Owl has very good imaging but I’d rather have multiple opinions on that. I really like the Tygr’s ability to let me pinpoint and picture everything.

On 2nd thought I’ll try to audition the 1770 and Tygr and report back.

Depends on how much bass you want. They all image quite well and separation is good too just 1770 can be piercing to the point of distracting and owl can be boomy and get into the mids