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Hi guys

Should i get:

Cooler Master MH751 or DT 770 250 ohms? I already have the SMSL T2 Tube Amp ( i use to listen EDM and metal)

Im open to other suggestions as well

Dont use to trust gaming headsets :smiley:

I would go for the 770 250 ohm if you like bass and wider soundstage. The MH751 is more comfortable imo.

Def the dt770. Have you considered the one more triple driver over ears? And the meze 99 noirs

I think the 99 noirs aren’t as controlled and detailed as the 770 250 ohm. The 1more triples are great for portable use though

The 99 are great for edm though. And metal pretty much sounds like metal on anything

But out of the 3 770 are my pick was just placing other suggestions

Iam from europe so is kinda hard to find massdrop stuff.

Here the Dt 770 is more expensive 30 USD than the cooler masters.
Another option I’m considering is the new AKG k371, they essentially replace the AKG K553.

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770 250’s for the win :+1:

I would say the 770s are still worthwhile at that price, unless you value comfort over sound, then the cooler master wins in that regard.

akg out there is very well priced I would go for that a nice build up of hype happening right now apparently harman tuned so if your into that sound signature I would go for that.

Huh, hadn’t noticed the release of those. I’ll have to check them out when I get the chance. The k553 didn’t stand out to me, so I wonder what I’ll think of these