Closed back upgrade from M40x, 500 $ range


Basically the question is the title,

I’ve using the m40x for around 3 years now, a few months with the stock pads (very uncomfortable), then I changed to the Shure HPAEC840 pads (comfortable, bass was gone, detailed high end, they ended falling off the headphone because they were very loose ) and then to the Brainwavz angled pads (very comfortable but made the m40x very V shaped), the M40x will remain my street headphones and now I’m searching for an upgrade, a little bit more neutral headphones.

I have a ifi Zen DAC so the new one can be a little hard to drive

As I stated in the title, my limit is 500 bucks, hifiguide recommends me 3 different headphones in very different price ranges :

  • T50rp for 150 (160 atm in Amazon)
  • T60rp for 300 (300 atm in Amazon)
  • NDH20 for 500 (500 atm in Amazon)

The only hard need is that it has detachable cables (looks like T60rp and NDH20 have it)

I suppose the T50rp are not a upgrade from the m40x more like a sidegrade?

Are the T60rp or the NDH20 worth it as an upgrade?

I don’t have the oportunity to test them in person, the only high end pair that I listened are the DT1990 and they are way too sparkly and the high end is very fatiguing for me.

I usually listen to rock, blues, jazz no edm or hip hop

I admit didn’t saw the zeos reviews of those headphones just yet, but I will in these days


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Thank for the recommendation, any commentary about them? I will watch the Zeos review anyway

and a different direction, take a look at the Focal Elegia. .


Interesting, they are a little bit more than I was thinking to splurge tho …

they were recently clearing out for $400, so you should be able to find newish used one’s and save a bundle.

oh, I will look if they come down in price again, thanks!

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If you’re US based, PM me if interested in Elegia used in great condition. It’s a great option in the price range, especially if you’re not worried about bass for EDM and Hip Hop.

I second (or 3rd?) Elegia.

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thanks for the offer, but I’m not US based, so I usually buy only in big retailers like Amazon

Something that I saw that is the Focal Elegia is discontinued (at least in )

Found them used at 420 in Adorama, or even 390

What about the pads? I saw a post complaining about the cost (saw them for 120 and 80 for the Dekoni), are the stock ones confortable enough? they will wear out after a year?

The pads are pricey and the Dekonis change the sound. However, unless you abuse them, the pads should last, as they’re high quality (better be for the price, right?). You’re right that they’re discontinued, so open box or used is mostly what you’d find.

Definitely a great headphone (the elegia) I’ve only owned a handful of closed back headphones, but the elegia are easily my favorite pair of closed backs. Great separation, detailed and resolving without being fatiguing at all. Definitely a bit recessed in the mid bass but the sub bass is so clean and punchy when you throw the right songs at it. It won’t feel like it’s lacking bass at all in my opinion and it helps the upper mids and highs really shine. Stage is pretty wide and great imaging. The elex surpasses them overall but that’s expected with open back.

They will def stay as my go to closed backs for the time being. Until my eikons come in one of these damn days haha.

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I see a pair on eBay with “less than 4 hours of use” for 550 OBO. Basically new if that is the case.

Another guy selling them, 6 months old for 595. He’s including a dyson cable, you’ll want to swap cable anyway, original pads, and 2 pairs of Dekoni pads (suede and leather).

Sorry last time I’ll chime in lol. A new pair on eBay for 595 actually.

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Oh boy, if you go from the M40x straight to the Elegia you are in for a treat. I had the M40x for a while and went on a journey before I finally settled on the Elegia as my go-to closed back. I still want to try out other closed backs because I need isolation for most of my listening but the Elegia is my favorite out of all the ones I have tried so far. Being recently discontinued provides a unique opportunity to snag a higher tier headphone at a more accessible price in my opinion.

I also second @AECH on his thoughts about the sound. A little recessed mid-bass but it extends deep and it’s very tight and textured so very enjoyable. Midrange is sweet on these too and they consistently bring our details I haven’t noticed on tracks before.

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Is the AeonRt better as the Audeze Lcd 2 classic?

The new Hifiman he 400i 2020 i have heard is not bad.

I think that the aeon RT Basically went through the same treatment at the aeon open drop collaboration went through. So it should be moderately improved but will likely fall pretty far short of the aeon 2. I feel like youre better off springing for the aeon 2. Especially since it’s usually on sale for about 760 or so.

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