Closed back wood headphones in 400 to 650 range

So I was looking for wood headphones, more specifically closed back wood headphones. I have seen the fostex th610 and the audio technica wp900 but was wondering if there was another one to consider in this price range. I already have some wood like sivga 006, and sendy aiva. Being honest looking for something aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. I know of the emu teak but its hard to find one with detachable cable now a days and that is a big deal breaker for me.

Meze 99 classics

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Yes! Denon D5200 or D7200, EMU Teak, Fostex X00

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I’m weighing the TH610 and 99 Classics…
Heard the 610 had a pretty sloppy low end though?

That’s a rather strange criteria to be honest, I usually don’t care too much about materials. Sorry I can’t help you

You are very close to the price of the LSA HP-2 which a lot of people seem to really enjoy. Maybe stretch the budget if possible and swing for that. It will probably be a higher performer than the others mentioned because it’s a rebranded version of the Kennerton Gjallarhorn which is a $1,200 msrp headphone and both seem to compete very well in that price category.

I’m strongly considering this headphone myself as my next purchase. I’ve never owned a wood set and I think it’s about time.


I have considered the meze 99 though I would most likely consider the noir version since I just perfer the look, though a rep at rocky mountain did say sound was tuned differently so I know that would be a big difference.

I will look into the denon 5200 but if I remember they were 700 and not sure if that much better than the fostex at that point, and I cant find the teak with removeable cable anymore and x00 got discontinued so would have to buy used at mark up

How come? I think you can still order directly? E-MU - Online Order and they do come up second hand from time to time. Personally I would go for the EMU other than the X00 because the latter tends to be inflated.

D5200: are you in the US? I am pretty sure Denon did a black friday sale of 300USD or sth for the D5200 and there were a bunch of ppl selling it afterwards. I think – technically it is better than the Fostex in the sense that it is a more sophisticated implementation of a similar biodyna driver, it’s more refined, more resolving, with less hot treble and less muddy bass, but whether it sounds better is a matter of preference. For one, it does have a more intimate soudnstage and loses a bit of the airiness of the Fostex

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I know that is why I said For this one i was mostly looking for aesthetic reasons. I have stuff like the sendy aiva and plan on getting sivga phoenix and Dan clark aeon closed back so sound wise I didnt have specific goal.
an @Mr_Makua I checked that page out and the LSA HP2 looks great but have you heard anything about the HP3 that seem like a smaller brother and are 200 dollars less (800 vs 600). both look great and would consider budget increase since I still have to safe up anyway.

I am in the US, and on the website its at that price of 700 , but if it has black friday sales then I would greatly consider waiting and seeing if it drops past 400 price point. Also I guess I went to wrong website when i went looking for them since you are right and the EMU are at 500 with detachable cable. Thank you for posting link.

No problem. Are you only looking at buying new? With the EMU, good thing is I think you don’t need to pay tax, bad thing is they aren’t the most responsive in emails but after you pay they will deliver – EMU is the offspring company of Creative, so you don’t need to worry it too much.

Preferably yeah for warrenty, and also with some used stuff there is a mark up and unless vintage I dislike paying more than msrp so like when i looked at fostex x00 most was like atleast around 50 buck markup used and not guarenteed good condition. But at this point I am considering the emu, denon 5200 and those LSAs

Gotcha, I think that’s certainly the case with some hyped products but generally I think most used items would be a lot lower than MSRP especially in the US

The HP-3 is the equivalent to the Kennerton Magni which seems to be a respectable headphone in it’s own right. I believe it shares the same driver as the HP-2 without the horn loading that makes the HP-2 unique. The back plate of the HP-3 is metal instead of wood, so you don’t get as much of that full wood design as you do with the HP-2.

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