Closed backs to run from Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

I’m in a temporary apartment following a move, so most of my audio equipment (including my receiver) is in storage. So I’m currently looking for a decent pair of closed backs to run out of the Elite Series 2 controller (while i use the Xbox Series X) to hold me over for the next few months. Right now I’m considering the MMX 300 Gen 2 as those look fairly easy to drive, but wouldn’t mind something cheaper as this really is just a temporary thing.

these will not run ampless out of the controller and will have volume issues. PS4 and xbox one both have issues with anything 32 ohm and higher, would recommend just using the MH751 or 752. MH600 series isn’t bad either and a bit more casual friendly since they can have different pads and software. Since you also mention its a temporary thing all the more reason to just grab a cheapo coolermaster. Otherwise you can also snag like a cheap hyperx which work fine for casual use like this.

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Thanks, I totally forgot CoolerMaster and HyperX existed, tbh. That seems ideal.

In terms of amps, I thought it was a royal pain to connect an amp to the Xbox Series X? Something rather convoluted if i recall correctly.

not really, its just that the consoles rely on optical ports for amp/dacss which creates limitations on what can be used… New gen is a bit more complicated since the optical port was removed but it can still use amps provided they use certain firmware on the usb