Closed Backs Under $1500?

I’m looking to buy a closed back for under $1500. I don’t like to EQ if I can avoid it (Apple user). DCA Noire is currently what I’m leaning towards. Instrument separation, and timbre is most important to me as a listener. Any other options you would recommend?


Focal Radiance? Several of the Kennerton headphones maybe? Denon AH-D9200?


You’d have to buy used since ZMF doesn’t make them anymore, but my pick here would be the ZMF Eikon. They isolate well and timbre is great. The bass is pretty boomy with the stock pads which you may or may not like, but there are lots of available pad options.

I also own a Kennerton Gjallarhorn which is around that price, but I find I like it best for modern music and pop music and stuff, and they also leak quite a bit of sound, so I’m not totally sure if it fits the bill here, but yeah, it is a really nice headphone.

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Do You want them for portable use, or just some nice cans for office/home use.
I basicly allways use my campfire cascades portably, the dca are probably great for that if you have a nice source.
But at home I like the fostexs a lot, argons are amazing and th610 is great, your budget would fit a a 900.
Many closed backs let me down, I cant recomend the bigger beyers at all. The HIfimanns closed backs are definetly worth a look aswell, with there big size they are def comfortable.

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Just don’t want sound leak and want better isolation for listening to music in a busy house… plus computer fans and what not… Noire are currently on my radar because they’re so portable…

Keep an eye out for used deals too - I actually got an Aeon 2 Closed used for a great price, then ordered the Aeon Perforated pans which essentially turns them into the Noire and I’ve been very happy with it

Kennertons disappoint me merely with the drivers they use - for the price. Very disappointing. All that bespoke build, and I’ve seen drivers you can get off AliExpress for like $40… in $1200+ headphones. Sad. Could be a personal gripe, but a gripe no less.

Denon/Fostex are good though. Of course, they use the famous bio-cellulose freeedge drivers - tried and tested drivers, way back JVC wooden flagships, not to mention the legendary Sony MDR-R10s, top present day Fostex/Denon/EMU. At least you’re getting something for your monies.
But there’s a slight issue there - they’re not real closed-backs - they’re semi-open (the edge of the cans, between the frame and the wooden cups leaks sound for air, stage and of course, bass, and the cups work as a bass reflex housing). With that, they have a great soundstage and airiness, but there’s the issue then - they will NOT isolate as much, and they can also get leaky when loud.

DCA seem to fit the bill I think - but I have no personal experience, so. But DMS was pretty happy with one of their headphones.

The Focals also seem right up this alley. If QC is not an issue, their open backs are end-game class, so… I don’t think the closed backs will disappoint.

:+1: :+1: Absolutely

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Hear a lot of good things about them, but have never heard them myself.

Compared to e.g. a Focal Radiance, Aeon Noire, these are definitely my first choice.

I’m eagerly awaiting the closed-back version of the ZMF Atrium, which will also have a biocellulose driver.

Somehow this type of driver hits my sonic G-spot :wink: :smiling_face:


Probably the closest I ever came was the Fostex TH610, which I really did not like.
I just got a new headphone with, I believe, a biocellulise driver called the SR2 by iBasso. Been running them since Tuesday and today is jazz day. Still assessing.

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They are very good so far. Great bass and mids.

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Completely off-topic, bus since we are talking about bio-cellulose drivers and the iBasso SR2 (my fav headphone to date), I have to say I am very eager to hear other bio-cellulose driver headphones.

I’m looking at buying the Aeon 2 Noire… the main concern people bring up is “lack of dynamics” with this headphone. I’m wondering if others have heard and compared it to Sundara or 6XX, and if so how are the dynamics compared to them or an IEM like Timeless or P1 Max? Thanks in advance…

I don’t find the Noire lacking in dynamics. What it does lack imo is upper mids for fem. vocals and guitars which will dull them out (which is about the only major caveat I’d mention before buying except for the flattening pads which some people have found to be a comfort issue).

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Yep, +1 for Denon AH-D9200 :ok_hand:t2:

I love Bio over other dynamic drivers and my favorite is TH900 but its meant for bass heads. I was a planar fan but the only one I like is Abyss 1266 TC. Planar problem is mid bass snap going up against a dynamic. Planar wins in holographic sound field. My favorite can is Heddphone with bass eq added. Hedd ability to play every note and be heard clearly is weird so AMT again for closed back TH900

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If someone could help in closed back Beyerdynamics?

Been afraid to purchase any of them forever. The ohm levels being different for same model throws me off.

Im using Woo WA5 LE.

So which one would someone only listening to edm love?

It’s overwhelming with all DT models and T models.

Same requirement of this post $1500 and below.