Closed Headphones - Competetive CS:GO / Valorant and music

Hey, i am searching for new headphones. Currently i am using the Sennheiser HD 558 which are great. But i have problems with them being open back which allows outside noise to distract me alot recently. So i am now searching for good closed back headphones that work well in competetive games like CS:GO and Valorant but are also good for music. I have heard many ppl suggest the Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO for gaming. But in some reviews i read that they are not good for competitive FPS like CS:GO (in this review: “the bass should make it hard to pick up details”).

What do you think about the DT770 Pro or is there maybe a better headphone for me? Below you can find my requirements for the headphones. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Budget - flexible around 100€ to 300€ (approx. 115$ to 350$).
Source - PC
Type of Headphone - Full sized / Closed back
Preferred Music - Electroinic, EDM, House, Hip hop
Pfeferred Games - Competetive CS:GO and Valorant