Closed headphones for work

A few days ago I pulled the trigger on a used pair of Beyer T5p.2s. Absolutely love their sound. However, I was not aware at the time that they leak like a motherfucker. I bought them with the intention of using them at work. Which is not gonna fly. I don’t mind it, I’ll just (gladly) use them at home.

That being said, I still need a pair for work.

Since the last topic I started I refined my priorities somewhat. Something like: comfort > sound leak > sound quality. Will be amping them if needed. I’m flexible on price (but don’t necessarily want to sell my siblings into slavery to be able to afford them; I’ll be more concrete if I see this thread going too high). I’m also not concerned about isolation - it’s a fairly quiet office. Oh, and I’m from Europe and the import costs from US are ridiculous so I’m not doing that.

For some more guidance, here’s what I’ve already excluded:

  • DT770: perfect comfort for my head, solid sound quality. I can’t abide by the attached cable though. Nor do I know anyone who could mod them for me (I’m not confident enough to do it myself)
  • M40x /H6: love both. Actually use H6 daily for my commute. Can’t wear them for more than an hour though; the pads touch my ears everywhere and the discomfort grows exponentially with time. Same for M40x.
  • Elegia: would snag immediately if I could find a pair for ~400-600€. I’m not paying damn near 1k for a discontinued headphone.
  • various Sony/Bose noise cancelling stuff: heard WH1000X Mk. 2, Mk. 3, Mk. 4, and QC35. Don’t like the sound.
  • K553 / HD 598 C: can’t find 'em. Well, I found the Sennheisers… for 240€. That price performance is way outta whack.
  • headphones with wooden cups: not yet sure if I’m excluding these from consideration or not. If someone can convince me the wood’s not gonna crack if not maintained correctly, I’ll reverse my stance.
  • Argons/Massdrop-exclusive stuff: (ignoring US import costs) ideally, I’d like to get a pair by sometime next month.

Sorry if I’m not making it easy. But then again, if I knew what to buy… I wouldn’t be opening this thread.


I think it’s called an IEM?


AKG K371
Detachable, closed, comfy ish, cheap, Harman

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Can’t argue with that
… is what I’d like to say, however I’m yet to find an IEM that doesn’t start to irritate me after an hour or so of use.

Considering you mention elegia and your main complaint here is just the cable, why don’t you just go get the 177x GO or DT 1770? They both have a detachable cable and the GO is more refined and reeled back for mobile use if you need it for on the go purposes.

Could always change the pads, these respond remarkably well to a pad swap.

search the used markets, fantastic headphone.

you mean argons? argons you will be kept waiting for months on end. It takes an eternity to get one from modhouse less buying 3rd party.

Surprised you didn’t mention the Aeons as they have a really good isolation in their closed back variant and are a V shape signature like the 770s over there not to mention being gorgeous in build.

definitely an option.

takes some trial and error there to find one that fits you comfortably.


^^^ This for sure :+1:

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Eartips eartips eartips, and then shape, nothing isolates like an iem, also SQ per $is better than closed back too imo…

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Thanks man, a lot for mi to consider, really appreciate it. A couple of points:

I just sold my 1770s yesterday. I find I’m less treble sensitive than most people so I liked them, however they were too fatiguing for long-term sessions, even for me.

I found a few on eBay, still mustering up the courage to order them. We’ll see if I get there

Well, so far I only listed stuff I’m (probably) planning not to get. I’ve had quite a few people suggest Aeons to me so far so I’m seriously considering them.

It’s not so much the tips that are the problem.

The trouble is that while I can find stores/people who lend me over-ears to listen to, IEMs are a different beast. I basically have to buy a pair to try it then sell them used if I don’t like them. Sold 7/8 so far (kept the T2 for sound quality, not comfort). And they were consistently harder to find a buyer for compared to over-ears.

The risk/reward ratio is just not good, I find.

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So the issue is with comfort still right, if so we can still help you, the t2 was uncomfortable for me due to the machined metal housing being sharp and cutting into my ear. So I can feel you on that. I’ll leave this to just hps, but swing by the iem boards and we should be able to help :slight_smile: dont give up yet…

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Thank you, much appreciated. :slight_smile:

I was actually going to look into IEMs more by the end of the year anyway since I have other uses for them (travel, maybe commute). However, a work headphone is a priority right now.

If I find a superiorly comfortable IEM in the future, I may even switch. But now, I’m going with the devil I know.

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I am not so fan from Iem‘s because they hurt in the ears with time.
A very not bad Headphone is the Emu Purpleheart from Massdrop.
The comfort is not bad for work.Or in Public section.
Imhabe buy some weeks and i love it better as rhe Dt 770 in my opinon

I would just say switch over to the 177x GO then as they definitely are less fatiguing by a good margin while keeping that great sound…

It’s a hefty cost but they are definitely worth while as a headphone.

They are definitely one of my favorites, which is why I brought them up. Their open backs feel like a closed back but sound like an open back and the closed backs have a really nice isolation factor to them.

I found an IEM that was comfortable for me and never looked back. Far more comfortable than any pair of headphones. You probably just need to find a pair that fits you best.