Closed headphones

I need some good closed headphones that can also be used portable.
I currently only have Sony MDR 1A.
Some headphones that got my attention are Fostex T60RP, Neumann NDH20 and audioquest nightowls (and maybe also the Massdrop EU Fostex Line).
If you have heard any of these, what are their strengths and weaknesses?
Thank you in advance for answers.

So if you really want isolation, the fostex headphones are not the greatest at that and do also leak a bit so just going to put that out there.

I would ask what type of sound are you going for? And where will you be using them?

I’ll probably use them on my desk but might want to take them portable sometimes (an amp like the xduoo XD-05 plus can even power t50/t60)
Sound signature shouldn’t be nice and balanced and not so narrow.

Well, the ndh20 is pretty balanced, although does have a bit of a bass hump, but it is tasteful. The nighthawk/nightowl have strange sound signatures that I wouldn’t describe as balanced, but are still pretty nice. The focal elegia is very balanced and very detailed with good soundstage and imaging, but is a little more up there in price. The t60rp is ok, but personally I prefer the argons a bit more.

some decent wireless headphones are the Sennheiser HD4.40Bt’s. been using them for 3 years.

What is your budget? That’s one of the most important things to know. Once you figure that out then you can figure out stuff in your price range.
The only headphone that is close to what you said which I have/have tried is the Audioquest Nighthawk Carbon. I believe it is similar to the Nightowl, the Nightowl appears to be the closed back version of them. These do sound very unique with almost a 3D loudspeaker sound, but I definitely would not consider these portable at all. They have a very relaxed fit and as a result fall of your head easily if you bend over or put your head back, plus I think they look a little silly for portable cans.
Some other closed backs that are more portable that I would reccomend based on Zeos’ reviews that also isolate well are as follows. Keep in mind the way I describe these are based on Zeos’ words, not mine, since I have not tried these yet:
More sort of balanced heaphones:
Cooler Master MH751 (or Takstar Pro 82, the same headphone).
Sivga 006 (pretty sure this is the closed back version).
Audio-Technica M40x (with
Meze 99 Classics
Shure SRH840
Fostex T40rp

And if you are at all willing to go out of the ‘neutral’ sound, then there are more options.
B&O H6
Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 250 ohm (Despite being 250 ohms your amp could easily power these)
1More Triple Driver (these are actually On-Ear)

The Audioquest Nightowl are to me one of the best closed backs you can get under 500. They are efficient, and have a biocellulose dynamic driver. Sound is very detailed and have a good amount of lowend. Isolation is not as good as in other headphones but they don’t make me feel claustrophobic. Easy to drive, detachable cable, lightweight, and good sound quality.

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I agree with all of that, except that they are not portable. Portable was one of the things that they said they wanted.

I would say the nightowl’s are pretty portable. Even come with a more portable oriented cable. But I would say not really for something like walking outdoors. Also decently easy to power

They are reasonable as portable, for truly portable I would go Bluetooth or IEMs. And portability is different depending who you ask.


I was going to say, as long as your not super active while wearing headphones around, they could work. I find my Nighthawks to feel way too big and fall off my head when I bend over, I have to walk differently. But that picture describes “eye of the beholder” much better than I ever could! :joy::ok_hand:

Price range is 300-600€, it should be more ‘high end’ than the usual portable cans like my Sony mdr 1A. I might get the Neumann ndh20, they have gotten very great reviews.

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you can find the NAD HP-50’s on Amazon and Ebay for about $100 - $140 and Tyll off of InnerFi gave them the best recommendation he could give…‘I love these headphones!’. I just bought them on that alone. :slight_smile:

my favorite close portable’s are the B and 0 H6.cnice and comfy well built nice mids and incredibly tight bass