Closedback, comfort, chill headphones

I am new to this world, so please remove if not in the right place.

I am looking for an all day non fatiguing set of close back headphones. I need closed back due to working from home. I am looking for something in the warm range, they can be flat as long as they can be warm through my chain.

Which is:

Airist R2R Dac
Little Bear T7 HiFi Tube Pre-Amplifier - can bypass
THX AAA One Linear

90% of my time listening is spent streaming with Tidal. Mostly listen to lofi dreaming, bedroom beats, decaf, chill classic rock pink floyd, jimi hendrix (red house - one of favorite songs of all time) etc.

The other 10% is watching some movies and tv shows off my jellyfin server, then some youtube to look for my next path of audio listening enjoyment gear.

I currently have the following headphones:

HD660s - Sound great with the tube preamp - Can’t wear when others are home due to down leaking in. I hate hearing the tv, talking, etc while working. It isn’t so much sound leaking out but sound getting in. I use for about an hour before bed once the kids are asleep.

Phillip SHP9500 (modhouse brackets/pads) - Same as above, also kinda moved on from them to be honest. Was my first set of headphones moving into the space.

HyperX Cloud Flight - Had form my former gaming days and used to wear daily before getting the shp9500. To heavy for all day use.

Bose SoundTrue OE (original) - I’ve had these for so long. They were my first purchased headphones beside shitty gaming headphones from a long time ago.

Grado sr80e custom modded with removable 3.5mm cables - Have been a nice addition for something different but open.

And last but not least - My daily driver from the past 2 months. Takstar Pro82. These have got to be the best comfort headphone I’ve ever put on.

So my budget is around $500. Can stretch if there is something that I should definately pick up. (meaning waiting a little bit longer to save for them) also, what would an endgame unlimited budget headphone look like for me?

Closed, comfort, warmth through solid state on their own, or the use of tubes.

Thanks everyone!

edit: added what would an endgame unlimited budget headphone look like for me?

Meze 99 classic might be worth looking into. Warm and mid bassy. Dark treble so no fatigue there. Super comfortable. Isolate really well. Fit your budget.


Or Mk3 Argons, but you’d have to wait a couple of months.

what would an endgame unlimited budget headphone look like for me?

That’s a hard question. If you can find a focal elegia under $500 then potentially that. I rec’d the meze here because it’s more chill imo. The elegia is more dynamic and has a balanced sound signature and while being reasonably comfortable I found the meze to be moreso.

With your current amp the meze is the better rec imo. The elegia can be toned down and warmed up with a Zen DAC or something similar though. Food for thought.

You sure you can’t stretch your budget to $1500+? A lot of great options as the price go up.

NOTE: this is a joke response, but you know, it’s only funny because we know what the hobby does to you. :wink:

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I second @donjklassen that you should check out Meze 99 (there are 3 iterations). That was my initial thought when reading the OP.



I have the 99 Noirs and they are comfortable, warm, rolled off treble with good bass. I could wear them all day and sometimes have. A quick pad swap can really enhance the bass.

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well hell, id offer you cost of the meze 99 noirs but you probably wouldn’t take the offer as you decried them. I just found out those are the drop exclusive ones.

Have you looked at the Drop thx Panda from massdrop? I find them comfortable for my medium sized ears and they are neutral with some warmth. Mid forward and non fatiguing since the highs are a little rolled off. Sounds just as good wired or bluetooth.

The bluetooth has some quirks. If the headphones are left without any audio playing, it goes to sleep it seems and when you start the audio back up they wake up and stutter for a second until it connects back to the audio. I dont really mind it.

Also comfort varys from head to head with the Pandas. I have a big head but medium sized ears. My ears just fit in the cups and so I dont feel as much discomfort compared to someone who may have large ears. The pads will probably sit on larger sized ears and rub. I find the Pandas comfortable and I wear them for hours. Maybe after a couple hours, I need to adjust them due to some pressure.

I would say they are chill headphones with more upfront mids which i really like and has very good passive isolation.

AudioQuest NightOwl, just difficult to find these days. I don’t think you could pry them out of my cold dead hands.


so you are saying there’s a chance


NightOwls are amazing if you can find a pair. Very lightweight, easy to drive, very detailed, nice sound signature.

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In this hobby, always! LCD-2 Classic just arrived this week.

I can definitely recommend the Audio Technica ATH MSR7B, just change the stock earpads with sheepskin angled ones and you’ll have your warmth!

IMHO these are a very underrated headphone, best closed back i own at the moment, I prefer it overall to my Meze 99 Classics where i find the mid range is a bit bumpy compared with the MSR7B.

When I put these on I am totally immersed and can wear (with the angled pads) for hours and hours


Focal Elegia is another one to look at. Comfort :+1:, seal from outside :+1:, un-fatigueing signature :+1:, can be had for less than $500 :+1:

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I just found out about the drop panda’s. I purchased them so we will see how it goes.

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i keep reading really good things about the AudioQuest NightOwl. If you ever decide to sell them, hit me up.