Closedback headphones like 800s for Classic music

Hey guys
Im Looking for good closed back headphones for Movie soundtracks.
I have the clears but dont want to buy Another focal.
I like my 800s and if possible looking for something similar.
Im eyeballing the beyer t5, but i cant find any information about them.
I Hope u guys can recommend me something Good

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The Beyer T5’s are pretty good but I’d recommend:

T50rp Argons as they’re super wide and amazing imaging and HUGE bass. Super fun for movies. Very dark sounding. More wonky than the above fostex but they’re so much fun.


The Fostex X00’s, emu teaks,denon and TH900 series.

Huge dynamics very exciting huge bass extension with good mids and intimiate down tilting treble. It’s a very fun sound for movie soundtracks that are closed back and they’re super efficient. They just are a bit amp picky.

Also there’s the HD820 but i don’t hear good things about it. I’d certainly be able to recommend the fostex line also the AKG K731 for a cheap option

What’s your budget, and current source chain?

Im Using the d28.38 From audio gd.
And Budget is like 1k.i ordered today the t1, yes they arent closed back, but i give them a try.

Yeah, spacious closed back can be kinda tough. Something like a used ZMF Eikon would be pretty nice. I don’t know how synergy would be with the Audio Gd. I’ve also heard good things about the T1(.2 mostly). Congrats, and hope it works out for you!