Closedbacks under 300?

Hey guys I need some help. I currently have these headphones, status audio cb1, shp9500, and hifiman 4xx. Now the problem i have is me and my partner have one office that we share all day so I need headphone that isolate well. I love the sound and resolution of my cb1 but they suck at isolation and hurt my head alittle. So any options for resolution and isolation under or around 300 is my goal. Also I have a modi 3 for a amp. Thanks!

First off, welcome to the community. Second, what kinda music do you listen to?

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Hey thanks!!! Been watching z for awhile. And I listen to heavy metal, blues some pop and edm. These headphones will be for everything else also. From playing games to watching movies. But music comes first lol

In your price range, a nice closed back is the Meze 99 Classic’s, IMO. Beautiful to look at, nice bass kick, great sound and super easy to drive. Pretty good value. I use mine as out and about headphones.

Great for keeping the music in and the people out. :grin:

I could easily reccomend Sony MDR-7506 with Brainwaves oval pads.
I’m going over some songs as I listen to this:
Arials by System of a Down
Virus by East Block Bitches
Blue in Green by Potsu
See You Again by Wiz Khalifa
A Warrior’s Call by Volbeat
Cold Blood by Apocalyptica
Changes by Charles Bradley
All My Tomorrows by Frank Sinatra
Raindrops Keep Falling by B.J. Thomas
Sway by Galdive

It is a fairly well balanced headphone. You won’t be getting sub bass to shake your brainium in your crainium, but the bass is clean, the highs are clear, the vocals are detailed and intimate without being in your face, good instrument seperation, and seals really well. Oh did I mention comfort for those long listening sessions?

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Very nice I’ve been looking at those. How is the comfort?

Hey that sounds nice, do those have a non removable cable?

Excellent! Super light on the head and I can wear them all day. However, there is a large contingent of users that whine about the pads. Too small or too big, I can’t remember which. There is a HUGE thread on Head-Fi and the majority of it is pad whining.

I find them Super comfortable, but YMMV.

I am a huge pad changer so that would be fine if I don’t like them lol

Sadly, yes. But I can definately say I’ve heard things in my music with these that I’ve never noticed with any other headphone/IEM I have ever tried. Hell, Do You Don’t You by Haywyre just came on, I’m sitting there jamming and noticed little details I’ve never heard in the track before.

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how do they compare to the audio technia?

The ATH-M40x?

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They are on the cheap side also and I love brainwaves pads so its in the lead so far!

yes I know those are in the same realm and I have tried those

Give me a moment to go threw with them. I’ve got the ZMF Oval Lambskin pads on them right now.

Ok awesome, thanks!

Alright, so the clamp is noticably tighter, so it will be more fateaging sooner. Personally, I have been considering picking up some Dekoni Nuggets to slap on the headband, but that could just be me.
Bass… The M40x with the ZMF pads are not aftaid to punch. At all. Not to the point that it starts overwhelming everything else, but it is not gonna let you forget they are on your head.
They definatley are not as wide, and get more agressive. If you’re looking for a more relaxing headphone, these are not for you.
Seperation is roughly the same, and they don’t sound as natural. Music like Frank Sinatra’s is not suited as well for the AudioTechnica.
Imaging is a tad better on the M40x.
To be honest, I’m trying to give the M40x a chance. I’m even throwing in What Makes A Good Man by The Heavy, Sugar by Maroon 5, Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson, and Spineless Funk by Bullmark (Interstate '76 OST)

TLDR: I like the Sony better. The M40x punches harder, has a detachable cable, and marginally isolates and has better isolation… by a small margin. They also sound more artificial, and aren’t as comfortable for longer listening sessions. The 7506 is much cleaner, more natural, lighter and more comfortable for longer periods of time.
I did all my listening with my ifi Zen DAC, Power Match and True Bass on, volume around 10-11 o-clock.

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That settle it im going to order the sonys with the pads. I have some hybrid hm5 pads I will try those on them.