Closest-sounding IEMs to the DT 770s?

Hey everyone,

I’m looking at picking up a new set of IEMs to replace my Klipsch S4-II and Momentum In-ears. I used to use those daily in college, but since then I’ve just been using my DT 770s with a Schiit stack. After getting so used to a real pair of good headphones, those IEMs just don’t cut it anymore. I really love the 770s, and I’d like to stay as close as possible to that signature and sound stage. My other top priority is noise isolation. I’d prefer to stay under $100 but I can go up to $130. I’ve seen the Tin T2 mentioned in comparison to the 770s, but not enough to be conclusive. What are your recommendations?


I own 80ohm dt770s and based on what I’ve heard in reviews you may want to look at the IKKO OH1, but it is slightly above your budget or right at its limit. The reason is that the 770 has good base response/sub-bass, good sound-stage and good highs, It follows the Harmon target, and it is slightly V shaped like the 770.

Those look like a great option, but I’m hesitant to spend that much unless I know for sure that the noise isolation is excellent. The Fiio F9 and FH1 seem promising too. Any thoughts on those?

Well I’m just getting into iems compared to headphones. I ended up getting some Isine 10s cheap at Christmas and just didn’t think iems would intrest me after that. I can say for iems bad guy good audio is a great reviewer from what I can tell. very Zeos, but more anger in a good way. I’ve been taking cues from him and Crinicle and the usual trio just to get an idea on my likes etc. I have not heard any iems outside of cheap KZ models, but I do have an OH 10 from Ikko thats coming this weekend so hopefully I can dip my feet in proper and get back to you. Sorry I dont have any impressions on the fiio models.

Got it, no worries!

I suppose I should also mention my musical taste. I mainly listen to prog rock/metal (Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Dream Theater, Rush, etc.) and classic rock/metal.

I’d love to hear some other opinions/suggestions before I pull the trigger on a pair!

For sure, I will listen to them as soon as they get in, I’ll even try to get my 770s from work to compare more head to head, from my understanding they should just be an upgraded OH1 so I’ll try to be as fully informative as I can. :smiley:

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The iBasso IT01 seems to check all the boxes except durability, quite a lot of people report issues with the connectors, and I don’t think I want to risk dealing with that. When I explore other choices, I always seem to end up back at the OH1s, but I’m getting mixed impressions on the isolation. How’s the isolation on yours?

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Will get the oh10 in tomorrow, so I can give initial impressions tomorrow :slight_smile:

I have a pair of the IT01, and haven’t had any issues with them. Other than a little flex in one side when first putting them in ear. And I now that I think about it, they are a little like the 770. Solid but not overwhelming bass, v shaped, very fun to listen to but not analytical.

So, if the OH-1 is even 90% of the OH-10 just buy them… That’s all I can say. I’m falling hard for these right now!!! Also these have great comfort and isolation, so the only drawback would be the weight of the unit with the OH-10 due to the IEMs being copper, but they disappear on my head! They are more comfortable than headphones for me, I love this shape!

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Oh woops, for some reason I thought you already had the OH1s, I must’ve misread something. That’s good to hear though! I might just pick up the OH1s then!

Yea sorry for any confusion, also your isolation may improve with foam tips, but for me their included tips were superior in comfort. Also I they sound great regardless of genre from what I can tell. I’ve tried with metal, classic rock, edm, vocal tracks, classical tracks, rap, pop, jazz, hell even Japanese tracks don’t kill me, even though they are screaming at me real good lol.

So now the KZ ZS10 Pros are a thing. Anyone here able to compare them to the DT770? How’s the noise isolation on them?

Without a doubt the Tin T2. I actually also have the DT 770s and also wanted a similiar sounds but in IEM form factor. The tin t2 is incredibly similar to the 770s. Like virtually identical. Both have a signature crisp clean sound, pretty wide soundstage, focus more on the treble etc. it literally is like a smaller version of the 770s. If something they are a bit more colorful which i like because my mp3s sounded a bit hollow and tiny with the 770s but with the tin the mo3s sounds better. I’ve had both headphones for over a year

I would kinda agree with this, but I do think they have a different timbre then the 770

Hm, interesting. I would like to hear more opinions on this