[CO] {Opinionated} Best looking headphones? Budget friendly or otherwise?

I didn’t see a post for this so I figured, since I am curious, I would ask what other people think. What do you feel is the best looking headphone while maintaining the best sound. I started becoming curious about this after looking at the HarmonicDyne Helios. Of course every headphone is generally in a certain price bracket so if you feel you have more then one but they are different price brackets feel free to mention them and which bracket they fall in. Brackets i.e. $0-$200, $300-$500, etc. Note: this is only for headphones that actually have a good sound as there is quite a few headphones out there that look incredible but are just awful in sound quality. DId I create this thread because I was curious but also bored thanks to quarantine shenanigans? Yes, yes I did.

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meze 99 classics or noirs and b and o h6 are my favorite fashion cans

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not budget headphones, but I like the way LCD / LCD 2C and Aeon Flow look

Limiting myself to 3 mentiones here:

Koss Porta Pro’s in Black are pretty sexy.

B&O H6 are also everything but ugly:

Denon AH-D7200, something about well finished wood just is… the thing!

I love the fostex TH stuff. The 610s and X00s are about $300-600 and the 900/909 are $1200-1800. Same price range for the Auteur, which are my favorite looking ZMF. I like the look of the LCD-2 in sedua wood ($1000). I’m also a bit sad that the hd600 ($300) no longer has that beautifuly ugly blue marble pattern. I like the look of the senns in general.

Sennheiser hd 630 and a Massdrop variation of the dt990 premium 600 ohms. Personally I love the design on both of these and I am SERIOUSLY waiting for that damned version of the dt990s to show up somewhere on sale.

plus a chrome version


Personally, I’m a big fan of large, round headphones - I like most Audeze and most round Hifiman models. But the ones that take it one step further in the looks department for me are large, round headphones, with closed wood cups, like Audeze LCD-XC:

various Audio-Technica wood series headphones:

or (if it counts, since it’s modded) Lawton modded Fostex/Denons/etc:

Weirdly enough I’m not that big of a fan of the looks of ZMF headphones.


I also prefer this look for wood than most ZMF. I think it is the grills that most ZMFs have. If they do have grills, I prefer the black finish on the ZMFs

I spent like $10 extra on these for aesthetic purposes alone as well


Yup, portapros in gold look classy :ok_hand:

I also got these recently. Monoprice M650. Metal and (probably) wood. Braided (but jank) cable, metal endings. Sometimes on sale for 60$ (but 150$ MSRP!).

These are beautiful but I don’t know how they sound. AMT Tweeters in it. Interesting. Treble murder? 150$ I think.

Different but, if you’re into the “robot” look, T50RPs look like something straight from Gundam in real life too, lol (160$ more or less). + 20$ Shure 840 pads required. Especially with my cheap “gaming” headphone stand:

I love the look of some rossens.
Have not heard, but supposedly sound decent, not the best, by by no means bad.


Best looking IEMs?

KZ ZS10 Pros, 40$

Moondrop starfields, 100$?

Yeah I like blue. :no_mouth:


I agree, both of those stand out for looks in the price range

I can’t believe that ZMF hasn’t made this list

Probably thats cause its a given. I dont think ive ever seen a headphone better looking than a ZMF

I mentioned the Auteur pretty early on along with the fostex stuff. I guess no one feels the need to elaborate since they are such ubiquitous lookers.

That must be it.


ZMF pretty much leaves all other headphones in its wake when it comes to appearance.