Collectibles!? Pokémon and anything else

Hello, I know this is an audio forum, but I was curious if there are any good discussions on collectibles and the like that people would like to start up here. I have less than zero experience with the stuff, but I have some cool Pokémon stuff I was hoping to get some feedback on and I don’t know if anyone else has anything as well. Anyway outside of general discussion I was curious if anyone knows about odd stuff like:
(old means 2000 and earlier)
Old Japanese Pokémon handkerchief pink purple and white along with official licenses etc.
Old official stickers
Old Japanese stamps- Clefairy
Old Japanese Horsea plus keychain
Also: I have an old endcap from Walmart marketing Pokémon Stadium a relative was able to hook me up with when I was a kid too. Its pretty cool.

Well I hope this will be fun for everyone and Party on Garth! :wink: :metal:

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I’ll never forgive my grandma for throwing out my Pokemon collection. In first grade (about a year and a half before Pokemon cards actually launched in the US), one of my best friends mom’s worked for wizards of the coast as a regional distributor and she used to give us full size store boxes of booster packs (I think there was 500 booster packs per box) and we would sit there though all of recess opening booster packs and trading between each other. I had at least a dozen first edition Charizards and looking at the current prices for them makes me sick. All were in flawless condition and in hard cases and while we were moving we stored some stuff in my grandmas garage and the next week she gave them away to a random guy that offered to buy them at a garage sale she was having. I would be a multi millionaire if I still had them…

Party on, Wayne!

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I found collecting things just ends up with me having a lot of stuff covered in dust, so I don’t collect things anymore.

I would like to have small models of my favorite space ships and a few Robotech mecha tho :slight_smile:


Well I have collected physical media releases of movies and tv shows since Blu Ray won the HD War. Now I replace my 1080p blu rays with 4k UHD ones, when they stick to how the movie in question is supposed to look anyway.

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