Collecting Cassette Tapes in 2019

last week there was a lot of talk (mainly by me, lol) about collecting analog music and it got me thinking, why don’t people collect cassettes or records as commonly any more? i made this video talking about my experiences with tapes, their relationship to cds, and also some talk about tape decks.
check it out - what do you guys think?

Bluetooth cassette player.

Now you can play the Def Leopard cassette you never tossed. I think my only surviving tape is my dad’s Right Said Fred.

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I bought an old Denon cassette tape player/recorder for 100$ on eBay. Denon DRM-500 I think. RCA ins/outs. And a Testament - The Ritual cassette, heh.

Just having fun.

the denon drm line is fantastic. i have a 555, awesome deck

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