🟪 Collecting / Making AMVs (Anime Music Videos)

This is sort of a music associated thing but I found I relate to music a lot better when there’s a visual aspects to associate. So I’ve collected a few hundred anime music videos dating back to the turn of the century (F i am old) and every once in a while I will just play them at random instead of just straight music through foobar. There was even a time in the long, long ago when I created one myself although I’m too embarrassed to ever show it off to anyone ever. It has a Limp Bizkit song over it… To Dragon Ball Z… F

Either way I will post a few of my favorites here and if you have any of you discovered let me know. I found more new music through AMV than I have through Spotify. If you work on them I’d love to check out the progress!

GIGGUK’s Video discussing AMVs

Here is a full playlist of the ones he mentioned.

I could fill this whole place up with just Mob Psycho, Evangelion and Monogatari specific ones. I will also avoid posting things from like Zest as that can be pretty NSFW even if its on YT.

And just like that I find Zest made a SFW one with FireForce.

Now I need that song.

another one