Come Join iFi audio on Discord!

Hey friends,

Per mod approval, wanted to cordially extend an invite to Hi-Fi Guides to come to join iFi audio on our newly soft-launched Discord server!

Here’s an invite link, let me know if you need a new one: iFi audio

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions, and drop an introduction once you join!





lots of crickets… :wink:

Lots of crickets are a good thing in this scenario!

I’m curious about what you guys are looking for or expecting using Discord. So this is intriguing.

I think a Discord based support community with vendor involvement would be a great thing to have as part of a channel.

support and camaraderie, I suspect!

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We are looking to focus on exactly that.

Our end goal for Discord is to be a live community that thrives on its own with support from vendors and reviewers from all across the industry!

We’ll be there to nudge everything along and of course, support our products since there will be the primary focus on that still in the name, but our main goal is community.

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BTW, the iPower Elite rocks it.

Although I’m surprised Apple didn’t hound your asses with the iPower. lol

Since Apple now enters the HiFi market with its lossloss hi-res streaming, it’s soon gonna go after the name iFi

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Glad you are loving the iPower Elite dude!

Hi Sebastien.
I own an Ifi Nano Black Label and also a Micro BL DAC…
When I got a Tidal subscription I downloaded the new software that allowed for MQA rendering. I have since cancelled my Tidal subscription and have no further desire to have the updated MQA enabling firmware and filters required to use it.
What firmware do I go back to download to have functional , bug free , non MQA firmware enabled DAC’s? I want the best possible SQ without MQA and its associated filters…
Thank you…

PS : Respectfully , I’m not interested in joining the ifi Discord channel at the present time.

Thanks for your feedback!

But to clarify a few things that I think you have a misunderstanding of…

  • MQA is a choice through Tidal… It usually only is as such unless you have the rare occurrence of purchased an MQA file.
  • Our DACS support MQA but you do not lose any functionality or sound quality when you choose another format. They are automatically translated into PCM otherwise.
  • What bugs have you been experiencing? Again, if anything the bugs are most likely in relation to your software of choice whether it be Tidal, Roon, etc. Our DACs are very plug-and-play. You don’t have to update anything or change anything.

To sum it all up: Our DACs’ sound quality and filters (outside of GTO) are not influenced by MQA. MQA is a choice, when MQA is off, it’s off. Unless you’re on GTO (another choice of firmware), all will be translated into PCM. What you see is what you get in terms of the best sound quality, there is no need to worry about it.

We also present Discord as a choice, and understand it may not be for everyone!

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