Comfy closed headphones for music and csgo

I’ve been researching the past week for optimal headphones and now it feels like that I’m going in circles. I understand that hearing can be subjective and people have their opinions and bias for different things but damn this is getting harder everyday. Then there is this supply problem that nothing is available.

So what I want is:

  • closed or semiclosed as there is noise sometimes and I want to be able to use these in Lan-environment
  • diehard Csgo player, I got over 6k hours and its basicly the only game I play. I need to hear footsteps
  • Comfort for long sessions
  • I know my hearing is a bit sensitive for high sounds so beyers are a nogo it seems
  • My music taste, well everything goes so I do want to enjoy it. Basicly I want these headphones to be primarily for music and secondly they need good imaging accuracy for csgo.
  • detachable wire for v-moda boom mic
  • budget about 500€ with dac and amp

I found Fostex t50rp that could suit my needs with correct modding, but I really dont know anymore who to trust because the reviews are so controversial. Also Argon mk3 might be the best quality wise but waitinglist is loooong. Also I dont know which dac&amp can even run it. Almost ordered the stock t50rp with 1540 pads but I dont know anymore.

I have currently Sennheiser Game Zero headset which is great for csgo but thats about it. No prior experience for quality hifi headphones.

I am not sure I can really answer this question since I use IEMs for competitive gaming/LANs, but there is this thread on this forum that might help: (update in progress) Falenkor's Competitive Headphone Write Up. Now with added Hardware explanations!

For LANs, I would use IEMs that isolate super well and then headphones wrapped around my neck for the mic

Just another perspective, why not use your Game Zero for CSGO and then have a headphone for everything else like music/movies?

Hmm honestly… a closed back that’s well rounded, good for competitive, and can use v moda… drawing a blank lol. V Moda places so many limitations… though I would absolutely say skip argon that thing is a bass cannon and is very bad at doing competitive not to mention its darker treble… argons are fantastic for movies and casual use just not comp

I actually wrote the wrong model of these headphones… I have the open model which is Game One. Thats why I kinda want to get new ones that would suit my needs.

I guess modmic could be alternative for v-moda if there are some better headphones out there :thinking:. Do you know if t50rp could work out with some pads or should I just look for something else?

It’s a very mod friendly headphone so I don’t see why not… soundstage can get very large on those and the imaging is acceptable… granted it wont perform like say beyers or others with that more laser accurate placement.

I’d have to say maybe a nighthawk carbon could fit here as it’s also semi open back… despite the signature being dark and warm its shockingly quite good at placing in competitive.

Yea these could work too thanks! They are just sold out everywhere in here so I have to keep my eyes on second hand products.