Compact speaker's for low level listening

anyone have recommendations for small speakers good at mouse fart listening levels?

I work till 4am and have grandkids in the house. Plus the Old Lady sleeping. Looking for a secondary pair of speakers that are small to play for the hour or 2 I am awake after work. my current setup rocks…but the woofer sounds anemic at the very low volumes i listen to after work.

thinking maybe something like the cambridge audio minx, but if a powered version existed lol.

will never be played at loud levels, so that isn’t a factor. powered would be better than passive tho. i would rather not have another amp on my desk or cord swap speaker wire daily.

would like it to be small. sit on top my small bookshelves small, and the 4i’s have about 6 square inches on top to work with.

Vanatoo T0. Love mine.

For me it was about fitting on a small desk. It is powered and isn’t ported (it uses passive radiators). The sound is good and imaging impressive.

I can 2nd this as well if you can make it work, great speaker. I also really like the iLoud Micro monitors if they fit in your space too

Hmm, Zeos also reviewed some Mackies which were apparently good even at very very low volume.

Why not headphones?

Genelec’s do work well also at low volumes.
They very compact in sizes as well compared to others.
Plus the GLM versions let you make tweeks that they sound excellent in ur space.

I work in a factory that is loud. I sometimes use headphones. Depends on how bad the ringing is =/

I will look up the Mackies as well.

I’m looking for the same thing and think I will buy the Kanto Syd once I have the fundages. kinda borked right now :frowning:

I’ve personally been a Dynaudio fan for a long time, as their speakers simply sound great at low volume. They build a deep soundstage at low volume, where the competition sounds like two loudspeakers and not like one stage.
I have only heard the LYD-8 but I could imagine the LYD-5 well with you.
Alternatively, I think of the Adam A3X, which are built for mixing at low volume. But they do not have a nice soundstage performance at all.
Maybe you should think about EQ anyway to create some loudness effect.
Also, I would think again if it is good idea to put the low volume speakers on top of the mains, because especially at low volume an optimal and close position is important.
If you want to replace your big speakers with som that sound good quiet and loud, you should look at Harbeth P3ESR, Dynaudio Evoke, or ATC SCM 11.
Sorry if my suggestions are a bit expensive, but I do not really know a lot about the cheaper price range. Because I always look for quality brands in the second hand market when I am on a Budget. For example: Dynaudio Contour 1.1 is sometimes very cheap and they are awesome with low volume at near field. I hope I could help anyway.

None of those are that small lol, but I can totally vouch for dynaudio, atc, and harbeth, great speakers for sure