Comparing Tangzu Wan'ers and TRUTHEAR Hexas: A Newbie's Perspective

I just got my first ever IEMs: the Tangzu Wan’ers and TRUTHEAR Hexas. I was really surprised when I realized I vastly preferred the Wan’ers’ sound, especially considering I could buy almost three pairs of Wan’ers for the price of the Hexas. I feel like the bass in the Hexas is really lacking, making them sound quite boring. Meanwhile, the Wan’ers’ sound feels very aggressive and in-your-face, compared to the headphones I’m more used to. Am I just an unsophisticated basshead, or how do you guys feel about the Hexa and Wan’er?


Sounds like you just prefer the tonality of the Waner over the Hexa.


Like Riku says it’s basically boiling down to what tonality you like.

I had the same experience listening to the Plutus Beast vs everything I have. It wasn’t the best set in my gear list but the soundstage to me was the most immersive thing I’ve heard in my head.

I guess my ears really just liked it , plus side for you, you’re one step closer to finding the tuning that really appeals to you