Competetive no-pro gamer looking for good headphones (Beyerdynamic 80ohms)

So I am tired of mine fake virtual surround 7.1 cloud. For comparison I ordered RedDragon h510 zeus 65ohms to see what chinesse marked can offer on same range. But I doubt to get any upgrade.
I am looking for open-back (never tried it) expierence in sound - efficient games like Escape from Tarkov - All game is based on enemy movement arround your on sound (very sneaky) So I came up with DT770 80ohms (closed) or dt990 pro 80ohms (open). Price range 150euros in my country plus I will need some kind of DAC/AMP 60-120eu (Was offered FiiO q1 mk2 but then q3). So my question is for boomer gamer like me I really want to upgrade my gaming expierence (I love music too, preffer deep thick base) Can anybody drive me through decitions to not make terrible mistake chosing this set por 400~ dollars? (300e~)? I tried your site but only Beyerdynamic is 600ohms ? how to even power those and is there much difference? I was suggested not to chose big ohms headphones.

One more question, Do I need DAC or AMP

Hey there,
Just to be sure, when you say fake surround, what do mean? Because I was in the same boat and disliked digital surround, but there some that are a cut above the rest. Redscape audio convinced me enough to pay for their solution, but you could try the demo for the nx waves. They’re a big step up from your average digital surround ( and free to test so why not). There are also other solutions like out of your head, but I wasn’t able to get that running.

990 is better for gaming because its better imaging and soundstage. I would recommend the 250 ohm with an dac/amp

You can also get the tygr 300 r from beyerdynamic its a better version of the 990

Surround sound emulation just suck at all. Its better to get a good imaging and soundstaging headphone that does a surround sound good just by its hardware.

If your game needs digital surround sound. It will have it by it self integrated in the engine. What you are doing ist put another surround aound emulation above the native game surround sound emulation

why not both?

My first sentence says why

Surround sound is not good at all. Stereo with a good pair of headphone is better for gaming

My expierence with virtual surround was only Syberia V2 old ones and Cloud II - Basicaly I allways forget to turn it on because It gives so little impact or make sound little disoriented
tygr 300 r - only 32 ohms - Isnt it is too low phone headphones? plus in europe It is very hard to get in my country
Now I am considering 250ohms because in many reviews there is soo much different opinions on 80 vs 250 I am lost.
So the question, I guess, is still: what headphones and amp what should I pick for pc use. Currently considering 250ohms DT990 pro + any stationary AMP. And Why Zeus Reviews didnt like them

that’s weird… I’m pretty sure the beyerdynamic website would have an easily obtainable price on the TYGR because they are a german company who is probably used to selling a good amount of items in europe

Also low impedance does not mean bad

Don’t need a powerful amp, and if you want a mic then you can get a mic with it too for exactly the 300€ price

Zeos reviews doesnt like the 990 because of thier peaky treble it can be harsh for some the tygr 300 r adresses that problem

If you want to go with the 990 only the 250ohm is a good option and you will need a amp for that for sure

For the tygr you could go without an amp its a better redefined 990

To play off this reply if you do want a 990 anyway I suggest the liquid spark as it does a fairly decent job smoothing out that treble

Thanks guys for the help

At the moment this game is undergoing some upgrades in its sound engine so some things will appear off for some time. Something to keep in mind for the time being… also that this game absolutely demands the best of the best in sound placements as out of all the FPS on the market this one is the most demanding on your headphones… without proper placements you will suffer.

You will more than likely need an amp for these. both have some bass issues but if your okay with that respond just fine… they do get maxed out in Tarkov but in a good way. Imaging is plenty on point. I do not recommend 990 at 80 ohms as it loses quite a bit of it’s sound quality… better you get that on in 250 ohms instead or 600 ohms respectively as that one has it’s best sound quality if you can afford the amp for it. 770 sounds alright in 80 ohms and better in 250 ohms… 600 ohm was discontinued.

finding a proper amp dac that will drive strong headphones at this price will be challenging… only ones that come to mind right now are FIIO e10k(any headphone less than 250 ohms), IFI Zen Dac(has a balanced port for more demanding headphones that can be balanced but can run headphones around 250 ohms with a bass button), Soundblaster G6(can power 600 ohms but has the least sound quality)…

deep thick bass is a cancer on fps so something to seriously take into account here… it will absolutely get in your way on tarkov if you have a rumbling bass tone. This goes for any of the FPS.

You are just fine if you have the amp to drive the larger ohm beyers… yes they sound different more refined and different characteristics in the signature. 990 for example changes where it’s bass tones are, less recessions in some portions of the mids, and less of a peak on the treble so it’s a bit smoother.

depends on the headphone but in most cases, yes you will

redscape is still fake surround… all that 7.1 stuff is fake. It’s to create an virtual speaker system of bad sounding speakers. some work well, some don’t it depends on what your using it on and your headphones. In most cases, this stuff does not work well and is very niche.

I agree with this but only if he can tolerate the treble peak.

this is incorrect as a statement. The tygr 300r is a revision of the DT 990 but with less treble peak and is a warmer signature being of a slightly lighter build, using the black 990s pads, a foam insert, slightly larger on the soundstage but less air, and the same extremely accurate imaging placements. The lacking air of the tygr and less treble can lead to less capabilities in fps placement as the sound cue cards are placed in the treble… since the tygr isn’t emphasizing these sounds as much as the 990 it can be seen to lose in this case to the 990

^ this

because when you have a good headphone that’s already good for soundstage and imaging the 7.1 completely destroys your sound quality and in most cases eliminates a lot of your imaging.

you can only get it separately through beyerdynamics website or a third party seller. Otherwise you have to buy it in a bundle that comes with the FOX mic. The FOX mic is decent.

^ this

some setups will need an amp, forewarning this ahead of time… it’s still fairly demanding for power.

For the most part here, I agree with the others… The beyers should be your consideration in this case… but you will need an amp and a pretty strong one at that less you go with tygr.

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The thing with virtual surround is, it’s free to try. I mean I get that it can’t replace better hardware, but it’s literally free to try. I came from the same place, but on the DT880 600 ohm at least , it sounds WAY more accurate and it does that without destroying the quality, if anything it sounds better to me, personally. I tried hooking up speakers and… I couldn’t tell the difference in soundstage. I was unsure where I was hearing the sound from, the speakers or the headphones.

My point is, before people looking for better soundstage/imaging go out to upgrade their headphones for 300+, it might pay to try some of the better virtual surround solutions. At least for me, it was a definite step up. All it takes is the time to install and get sent a key, then they can decide for themselves if they need to upgrade or not.

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Very nice constructive answer.
One last question on DT990 250ohms, my currently audio technical provider can provide me without shipement Fiio K5pro for 160euros. Will I get good quality for the money? Or should I invest some time shipping better stuff from abroad

I would definitely recommend seeing if you can get your hands on dedicated units at that price all considering… Less you really need the desk space. k5 pro isn’t bad though im not sure if it can drive the 600 ohm beyer I do know it will drive the 250 ohm just fine and has good enough sound quality. However, typically I try to recommend an amp that will roll off that treble more on the 990 due to how unforgivingly bright it is especially at 250 ohms, 600 ohm isn’t as bright and more smooth.

I would check in the other brands if your okay with dedicated setups… Monoprice Liquid Spark, JDS Atom, Schiit Magni or Heresy, Topping has some as well though im more a fan of their dacs than I am their amps like the D10 and E30 dac.

Otherwise, yeah you will be alright with k5

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